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Did police allow Broadstairs woman to be killed?

Thanet Police

Today I read that four emergency call centre workers are being investigated for alleged gross misconduct by the Independent Police Complaints Commission as Judge Philip Statman criticises police handling of calls made by Anne-Marie Birch in the days before she was murdered in Broadstairs.

This brings to mind when Thanet Star writer Illisia wrote recently about the Kent police unwillingness to help two distressed children. We asked if the Kent Police priorities are out of order?


» Continue Reading: Did police allow Broadstairs woman to be killed?

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A Very Special Birthday From Thanet Star!

We are today informed that it is the duel-Birthday of two local business owners who we have worked closely with in the past

Young SNK proprietor Kevin Peake and co-owner of No 60 Gifts And Things are both blowing out Birthday candles today.

We at Thanet Star think they are both absolutely inspirational people and hope that they are having a wonderful day today, as they deserve it.

SNK is an eatery that encourages fresh, healthy foods and No 60 Gifts And Things gives many craftsman a chance to sell their goods and earn a living without having to leave the comfort of their homes every day.

Kevin Of SNK Celebrates His Birthday At Work!

Here is an embarrassing photograph of Kevin, courteous of his FaceBook.

You can read more about what makes these businesses, and these people, so brilliant, in our articles here (SNK) and here (No 60).

Please do stop by to see them today in Margate town center and extend them your Birthday wishes!

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Clown Bride Appears in Margate

As the visual basis for a spoken word art project Jestress Flo, the street dance and free running studio, created a Clown Bride and surprised Margate with a visit.

Clown Bride in Margate

I followed them arround Thanet as they scared the coulrophobics (people afraid of clowns) and generally bemused the locals who were, on the whole, good sports about the whole thing and posed with the clown for photographs.

Jestress Flo's Laura took the opportunity to promote local business Seaside Sirens (who later acted as hosts for more photography) which currently operates out of Pop Up Margate. The main reason for the outing, Laura explained, was to create images for a spoken work creation.

Clown Bride in Margate

As always there are more images on our Facebook page.

Did you spot the Clown Bride in Margate?

Keep your eyes peeled for further clowns and other spectacles in the area.

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"Thanet's Hidden Gem" Broadstairs Seaview Hotel & Restaurant Relaunches After Makeover

Popular Broadstairs Hotel & eatery formally known as The Fayreness Hotel has been re-designed with a new look and a new menu. They relaunch as The Botany Bay Hotel this Monday!

Botany Bay Hotel Competition Promo

To celebrate their new look and feel, the venue is launching with a Competition to win a weekend break for two, and romantic meals for two for five runners-up. To enter the Competition you must "Like" them on FaceBook and then click here for the Competition Page and fill in your details.

I tried to reach the Management to discuss the changes, but they have been, understandably, extremely busy and unable to speak to me. I am hoping that Thanet Star can attend the opening to photograph the new look, taste some of the food, speak with the staff and give our readers our verdict.

All we know so far is that the exterior is looking beautiful, which I myself saw first hand when visiting Botany Bay with family last week, and we have a few sneak-peak images of the interior on their FaceBook Page.

Botany Bay Hotel Function Room

Having received a promotional leaflet through my mail box, I am also informed of the following

  • Breakfast & Brunch is served daily from 8am-11am
  • Coffees, cakes and afternoon tea available
  • "Bar menu with classic pub favourites"
  • A Sunday Carvery from midday onwards on Sundays, for which booking is recommended
  • Fully licensed for weddings
  • Private function room available for parties and business events (see above photograph)
  • Use of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal produce in their foods

Some things have not changed, though, and that is the gorgeous views of the sea from this venue, which can be enjoyed by those staying at the Hotel, or enjoying the food and drink available.

For further information, to look at some of the photographs of the new look and to book, visit the official website or call 01843 608 750.

Botany Bay Hotel Sea View

Did you visit The Fayreness Hotel before this relaunch? What do you think of the changes, pre-launch, from what you see so far? Do you think this relaunch will bring in more visitors from outside of Thanet? Discuss!

NB: Photographs taken from the Botany Bay Hotel FaceBook Page.

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Rest In Peace Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge?

Margate's promising venture appears to have failed. Thanet Star investigates...

Kayjaiz logo

For two years now, since the first GEEK (Games Expo East Kent) event launch, gamers of Thanet have been anticipating the launch of a "Gaming Lounge" where they can gather to enjoy games, food, and good company together.

Coming In 2012?

Having been with them from day one (I still have the promotional leaflet from GEEK 2012, see the image above) I was disappointed by the amount of delays that this business venture suffered, but I stayed in regular contact with the minds behind the idea and they kept me well informed, so my support never waned.

In August of last year, all that waiting finally paid off when I received word that they were finally launching Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge, and although I missed the Launch Party due to personal reasons, Thanet Star got a special sneak peak a few days before opening, and we liked what we saw.

There were some negatives, plenty of room for improvement, of course, but we could see a lot of potential and looked forward to seeing the business grow.

However, as the weeks and months after launch passed, Thanet Star received numerous contact from fans who were disappointed by the consistent fact that the doors to Kayjaiz were, more often than not, closed tightly.

I spoke with the proprietors, who assured me that business was indeed still running smoothly and that they were simply concentrating their efforts on weekends, holiday periods, etc, and during the week maintaining their standard nine-to-five jobs. I was rather sceptical of this fact, but I trusted that they knew what they were doing, and continued to advise fans to only visit on weekends, or call ahead to ensure the facility was open.

However, after many attempts to get into touch with the proprietors in recent months through the use of all contact forms available to me and "asking around" the community, etc, and finally, at visiting the venue myself and looking through the windows, it has become very apparent that business is not running smoothly.

Kayjaiz Window

In fact, given the nature of this photograph (courtesy of eatery SNK's proprietor Kevin Peake) and the various reports we have received from local residents, business owners and fans, coupled with the lack of reply from Kayjaiz's owners, the question as to whether business is running at all or they are, sadly, shut down, begs.

Almost all hardware and furniture has been removed. There is no sign of any games consoles, surround sound, etc, all that was left when we investigated were a few gaming chairs piled up, as you can see in the photograph. This is quite concerning.

We are continuing with our inquiries in the community, with the Council and other sources in the hopes of achieving confirmation of the situation with the business. It is perhaps possible that they are refurbishing? Or moved to an alternative venue?

All that we know for certain is that it does not look good, that they are not answering any of Thanet Star's calls or emails, that their website is down and that their Twitter and FaceBook have both been neglected since January.

Kayjaiz internals - Illisia Adams of Thanet Star

What do you think has happened? Are you disappointed or happy about this? What would you have done differently if Kayjaiz was your business idea? Discuss!

NB: If anyone has any further information or photographs to contribute, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Did Labour Lie?

Who actually believes TDCs Health and Safety line? Comment now on Thanet Star.

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MRP Minutes

All of the Margate Renewal Partnership Board Meeting Minutes (Via FOI)

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Manston Airport

Two weeks to find Manston Airport buyer says North Thanet MP (via BBC)

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CCG to review

Thanet CCG told by High Court judge that policy on assistive reproduction technique is “unlawful”. [link]

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Good comments

Generally longer, more in depth, comments get flagged as spam less often.

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Spam stopping

Matt has spent some time retraining the spam filter to avoid false positives and catch more spam. If your comment gets flagged as spam let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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Did you know?

People traveled from as far as Boston USA to come to GEEK 2014.

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US vs EU

Did you know: Our special relationship with the US is underpinned by our strong influence within the EU.

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EU President?

Did you know: What the media often refer to as President of Europe is actually the President of the European Council which is a chairman by any other name.

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The EU and Tax

Did you know: The National Institute for Economic and Social Research in February 2000 showed that the British economy would contract (and taxes would rise) if we left the EU.

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Cost of the EU

Did you know: UK net-contribution to the EU accounts for only about 0.9% of our total public spending.


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