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Lib Dems critical of TDCs poor local plan

The Liberal Democrats have strongly criticised Thanet District Council's inability to put together a coherent plan.

In response to what might well be the worst thought out local plan yet, Liberal Democrat George Cunningham has been sharply critical of TDC.

To put it simply, the TDC proposal isn't local, and it isn't a plan. He says. According to Cunningham's statement the "local plan" fails to address the needs of the local people and calls for houses without infrastructure or any clue as to if they are even needed.

The Liberal Democrat PPC also expresses concern that this half-baked local plan is simply a back-door excuse to cover Manston in houses and call it "popular demand".

We hope also that the Plan has not been written in such a way that its likely wholesale rejection by this consultation does not lead TDC to use it as an excuse after the 7th May election to insist Manston Airport become the brownfield housing site for Thanet "by popular demand".

Put simply it is like TDC are ready to just roll over and accommodate the poor that the Tories are focused on kicking out of London. Would it be so bad if we actually addressed some of our own needs before helping displace people on the basis of rich people's greed?

Thanet needs a plan for jobs and economic regeneration. Says Cunningham and I agree with him.

Where is the planning for economic growth? Where is the planning for jobs and businesses? Where is the planning to solve the existing problems of Thanet rather than making even more problems that TDC has proven it is incapable of addressing?

The Lib Dems are clearly worried that TDC does not know what it is doing and we are all going to suffer as a result.

It is not hard to see that the Lib Dems are right about TDC.

After all TDC have consistently demonstrated an inability to put the people of Thanet first regardless of whether Tory or Labour hold a majority.

Just take the council's sudden and insulting U-turn on it's own "plans" for what is left of the Little Oasis Crazy Skate site.

You could be forgiven for thinking that TDC has not got the first idea it is actually doing.

The only answer is to stop voting party political and actual elect local people to a local government. Not just any local people but local people that have shown that they care enough about Thanet to actual do something rather than sit in power and help themselves to lucrative back room deals.

This utterly worthless attempt at a local plan is proof that neither Labour nor Tory are fit to run Thanet's Council. If it looks like corruption, smells like corruption and barks like corruption what is it?

Just how many TDC councillors are in the building or property trade exactly? Clearly the answer to far too many.

Time for a complete change at TDC, don't you agree?

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Did Thanet Labour lie to us?

Are Thanet District Council conflicted over Manston or is there a secret agenda?

Manston Airport

Back in September last year it seemed like crazy talk that Thanet District Council might try to wriggle out of a CPO for Manston. This year it is a cold hard fact.

This year TDC are actively fighting the government itself to avoid making that purchase.

What we are wondering right now is why no questions are being asked of Thanet Labour who more or less out right said that they had no intention of carrying out a CPO.

If the leading party at TDC were prejudiced against the process before they started was there a conflict of interests for them to carry out the consultation in the first place?

When Iris Johnson seemed to slip up when she told Meridian news that they would not be carrying out a CPO was this simply the natural honesty of someone not used to misleading the public?

Did this change of direction stem from bribes, some internal agenda or was the CPO consultation just a way to keep things at arms length until after the election?

In short did Thanet Labour lie to us?

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Farage upstaged by Nazi Dancing Girls (video).

Farage's unremarkable Winter Gardens gathering was thoroughly upstaged Friday as dancing Nazis and a 16 tonne World War II tank crashed the "party".

Performers from Mel Brooks’ of the acclaimed musical comedy The Producers showed up outside the Winter Gardens with a high-kicking performance to the famous number Springtime For Hitler.

In a break from the relatively unremarkable and not really worth mentioning political gathering of not-Tories-any-more a much more interesting upstaging took place. A trope of female dancers in Gestapo-style hot pants, Jackboots and insignia surprised (and possibly delighted) people gathering to cheer, jeer or spectate Farage and his cronies at a gathering for whatever self-congratulatory event that they had organised. (Honestly, no one outside of their little circle much cared anyway).

The ladies were in Thanet to promote the new touring production The Producers. Which they did with an amusingly ironic rendition of the song Springtime For Hitler which blared from a P.A system hung on the German World War II’s tank turret. Which just goes to show how seriously the rest of the world takes this flash-in-the-pan party.

Producer Adam Spiegel apparently said afterwards: I’m disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that UKIP are trying to hitch a publicity ride on the back of the show.

It is hard to overstate just how amusing I have found this news story.

Channel 4 have additional coverage (and photographs) as do (among many others).

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UKIP Expels local deputy leader

Ex Tory and deputy leader of the Thanet UKIP group, Rozanne Duncan, has been expelled from the party for comments made on an unbroadcast TV program.

Another blow to UKIPs hopes, perhaps, as the December ICM poll for the Guardian showed UKIP slipping to joint fourth place after the Lib Dems gain 3 points.

Rozanne Duncan was forced out of UKIP "without hesitation" for bringing the party into disrepute.

Given all the crazy stuff that UKIP have defended their members spouting what on earth could Rozanne Duncan have said to be kicked out?

However we can only guess, at this time, as to what on earth she might have said to get herself removed as the comments have not been published and the TV program has not gone to air.

However given that this was the woman who tried to convince me that it was not seagulls ripping open rubbish bags but East Europeans the mind boggles as to what she might have said.

According to Thanet Council's website she was one of only three UKIP members of the council. I guess they are down to two now.

I suppose Kent's Laziest Tory (now UKIP) Councillor Chris Wells can be deputy leader if he wants. Mind you given how Well never did know what his Conservative party mates were saying suggesting that their estimates were spurious and invented (because he thought I had come up with them) perhaps it will only be a matter of time before Chris Wells joins Rozanne Duncan in looking for another party.

Are we seeing the end of UKIP in Thanet? (Probably not quite yet).

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This is no way to run a council

A Labour Councillor led a Tory walk out of a Council meeting yesterday to applause from the public gallery.

According to reports Labour's Will Scobie walked out of council after declaring This is no way to run a council.

Before he departed Labour's Will Scobie said: We wanted this meeting to debate the issue. I am not actually going to stay for this meeting because it is a sham. [source]

The Labour councillor and South Thanet PPC was soon joined by Tories of various varieties.

The first to follow Labours Scobie out the door was the Conservative group leader Bob Bayford. He said: We cannot have any more to do with this - this is a total and utter embarrassment.

Labour prospective parliamentary candidate Will Scobie declared Tuesday night's extraordinary meeting on the fate of the Manston airport site "a sham" and was the first to leave the council chamber. reports Kent Online.

In speeches, made to the crowd outside, councillors who had walked out expressed a deep dissatisfaction with multiple suggestions of manipulation and secrecy.

Labour seems to be tearing itself apart and the public and opposition appear keen to help.

Labour's attempt to strong arm the Manston issue to their own agenda seems to have backfired massively but how damaging this will be for them remains to be seen. That their rising star and potential MP wants nothing to do with his own local party should suggest that the writing is on the wall.

As to what it says about the Tory, Green and UKIP parties that they would happily fall in line behind Labour's Will Scobie, I leave to your own speculation.

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Did you know?

Margate was the first seaside resort to introduce deck chairs way back in 1898.

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Did you know

MP Roger Gail (thanet North) wanted to increase VAT

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Did you know

MP Roger Gale (Thanet North) has never voted on measures to reduce tax avoidance

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Too popular

On Wednesday 28th May the article The staggering truth about Gloag's Manston deal was so popular that it was briefly unreachable as the server could not supply pages fast enough.

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Did Labour Lie?

Who actually believes TDCs Health and Safety line? Comment now on Thanet Star.

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MRP Minutes

All of the Margate Renewal Partnership Board Meeting Minutes (Via FOI)

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Manston Airport

Two weeks to find Manston Airport buyer says North Thanet MP (via BBC)

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CCG to review

Thanet CCG told by High Court judge that policy on assistive reproduction technique is “unlawful”. [link]

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