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100 Billion Euros - Where is our share?

According to George Cunningham the Chinese are all set to pour one hundred billion Euros into the UK.

The question is are we going to see any of that cash here?

The deal which is set to work itself out over the following decade is being brokered with the worlds fastest growing economy by diplomats in the EU.

So the question I want to put to you, the readers, is this: Will we be found stomping our feet and complaining about the "cost of the EU" or will we be ready to invite a good slice of that pie our way?

After all, if the money is coming it is just a question of do we want to enjoy some of it or stand by and miss out (again).

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Beat this

I recently took a trip to London. On the way back I got totally stumped by this beastie.

Sudoko Puzzle

It is from the Evening Standard of Friday 31 October. I worked on it all the way home and never solved it so I thought I would inflict it on everyone else. In fact the experience inspired me to start a new Facebook group for fans of puzzles.

Are you better at these puzzles than I am? (I would not be surprised).

All I ask is that if you solve the puzzle keep the solution to yourself so other people can take a crack at it.