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In running this blog I will strive as always to be as ethically clear as I can. That is why I have drafted this page in an effort to make it clear exactly where you and I stand. I wish to be as transparent as possible with all such issues and though I am human I am going to try my best.

If this entire policy could be summed up in just a few word those words would be: "Don't be an idiot".


If the above short version is not quite enough below is a lot more text spelling it out for you. I'm going to assume you have read it. If I know you I might let you get away with bending the odd rule but if you are a complete stranger... Thanks for your understanding.

Privacy and Data Protection

Whatever you do when you use the Internet, your computer blasts vast numbers of facts about you to the site you visit. This is a simple fact of life. These facts are not on a scale with the government's loss of data towards the end of 2007 and tend to be things like the numeric address of the computer (IP address) which is needed to get the web page back to you.

If you act like an idiot this data can be used to trace you back to your ISP and if enough complaints are made you could find yourself with no Internet connection. I do not make a habit of recording vast amounts of data about people but the server will log enough to solve any problems. This data is very very boring to go through so for the love of life don't make me read it, please.

In the event that we collect any data from you, it will be stored on the server (now in the UK). I plan to never share any data (on other people) with anyone else without being made to do so by a pile of court orders and a team of fierce looking law enforcers to back them up. Submitting any data will be taken as an indication that you understand this.

Guest Posting

Writing for Thanet Star is positively encouraged. When you write for us, you retain full copyright to your work but grant to us a worldwide, non-revokable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, license to display the article. This license shall extend to all reasonable forms of display and storage as needed to run this site, including but not limited to XML feeds, HTML, and database storage, and distribution. We reserve the right to make edits in line with any current or future editorial policy. Additionally, you grant us a minimum of six months exclusive use of the submitted material from the date of publication. No part of this agreement forms a contract of employment or any formal relationship. You retain the right to be recognised as the author of the work and retain all other moral rights not covered by the grant of license. Submission of any article for publication shall be taken as agreement to these terms.

Reviews and Recommendations

I do have other business interests offline and on and may well recommend products in which I have a vested interest. This might influence the neutrality of my point of view and I will generally try to point out if this might be the case. I do not plan to do reviews or posts that have been "sponsored" or subsidised in any way but if ever I do I will disclose this to you in the article.

I plan to earn a little from this blog and to that end will be selecting advertising partners to help cover costs and even get into the profit zone. This might mean that what I advertise and what I want to write about might be at odds. I will try to keep things simple on that front.

I may choose to use affiliate programs to select products to recommend. I trust you are able to notice when I do this and make up your own mind about the products. For this reason, I'm not going to make a big fuss about such links should I use them.

All articles given are opinion only and do not constitute formal advice. In all cases, a professional in the field should be consulted before significant action is taken. We refuse all responsibility for your actions, as a thinking human being, based on what you read here. We hope, however, that what we say is helpful.

Links to third-party sites do not constitute an endorsement.

Party Political

In 2011 Matt (lead blogger) joined a political party. The views expressed here are his own and not necessarily those of the party or its members. Matt will try not to let his affiliation cause undue bias in reporting but you are welcome to point out if it might look that way to you.

Company and coverage

The views expressed here by any author are the author's at the time of publishing; they are not the opinion of anyone else that might in any way somehow (to your mind) be connected with Thanet Star or the author. As time passes they might stop being the author's views too depending on what they learn in the future.

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