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The Arithmetic Boys

Adding trouble, subtracting pleasure, dividing attention, and multiplying ignorance. The founding members were John Worrow and Mike Harrison after each was sanctioned for throwing around homophobic and hate filled insults against fellow council members.

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Bekka (Rebekka) Bowling

Bekka (Rebekka) Bowling was born on 27th February 1988. She is a television comedy actress and stand up comedian. She grew up in Grange Road, Ramsgate.

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John Worrow

Made the news in June 2012 during a spat with a fellow conservative councillor.

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Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison was in 2012 a councillor for Thanet District Council. He was officially warned by police in '12 for homophobic comments made about another councillor.

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Ramsgate is home to one of the area's most important Harbours Port Ramsgate. It has it's own parish council.

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Dane Valley

Dane Valley is a ward of Thanet District made up of the the Dane Park area and Millmead Housing Estate.

Dane valley road sign

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Sandy Ezekiel

Sandy has no ears
Sandy Ezekiel. At one time leader of the conservative dominated council (TDC) and councillor for Cliftonville East Ward.

Not exactly the most popular man on the planet.

Often seen as aggressive.

He also sells carpets.

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Thanet District Council

Thanet District Council (TDC) is the administrative centre of Thanet. As a body they are considered locally to be inefficient and excessively bureaucratic.

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Thanet Twitter

Thanet Twitter: If it happens in Thanet then we will probably tweet it. @Thanet is semi automated to keep the news flowing.

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RG Scott Furniture Mart

RG Scott Furniture Mart is a store with 3 floors, 2 yards and warehouse upon warehouse of overspill stock. They stock furniture, architectural salvage and all sorts of old and cool stuff.

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St Peters Village

St Peters Village is to be found in Thanet between Margate and Broadstairs.

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Big News Margate

Big News Margate is the blog of Margate man Tony Flaig. Politically it aligns with the Liberal Democrats roughly in the centre. It was established in April 2006.

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Broadstairs is currently home to Thanet College and was once home to Charles Dickens. It has a large population of retired people.

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Naked in Thanet

Naked in Thanet is a blog by local photographer and Music enthusiast Peter Checksfield. The main point of this work being to take outdoor nude shots at recognisable parts of Thanet.

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Thanet Star

The Thanet Star is a blog written mostly by Matt B (but with help from others) and is about Thanet, politics, events, blogging and occasionally geek things like SEO and Business online. Politically it tries to stay in the middle but takes great exception to arrogant politicians.

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Thanet College

Thanet College is a further education college located on the Isle of Thanet in Broadstairs, Kent on the southeast coast of the United Kingdom.

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Margate is a town in Thanet. It houses the local Council (Thanet District Council AKA TDC) and is possibly the most famous town of Thanet. It features in a Chase and Dave song.

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Michael's Bookshop

Michael's Bookshop is a fairly large general bookshop with about 30,000 books arranged on over 100 bookcases.

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In case you had not guessed this website is all about Thanet. Thanet is part of Kent and is found in the South East of England.

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