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Your Letters: In support of Manston Airport

Bill from Ashford has written to us to express support for the idea of keeping an airport in Manston.

This is what Bill had to say:

I am not a resident of Thanet but of Ashford. I am still supporting the pro airport campaign though. In my opinion, Thanet is placed in such a far corner of Kent that they need all the access they can get.

If the airport does indeed remain closed, I believe that the area will forever be blighted due to the lack of transport links. Even if the HS1 link goes ahead. Don`t forget Thanet councillors, once the airport is gone - its gone. You will never have the funds or land to build such a facility.

If you read through the masses of "Save Manston Airport" documents you will find that there are references to Paul Barber which contradict each other.

This is quoted from South East Business (dot) com.

"It's up to us to generate faster links to London by train. We have £5million to sort out railway crossings, some of which need to be more hi-tech. Network Rail is working hard with businesses to get the faster link there. As for air travel, I think Stansted could be the one for an airport hub, which Boris Johnson has started to talk about."

Paul Barber added: "We have companies from all over the world come to us, but it's not an easy place to get to. They come in from places like Asia through Heathrow the journey from Heathrow is not a pleasant one and we've actually lost people on route on a couple of occasions, though found them eventually!

"What we are now saying to people is that you can fly to Amsterdam, and hop over to Manston and we will pick you up and five minutes later you can be having a coffee with us in Discovery Park House. You can do business from all over the world from Manston. If we are going to promote Kent as a world-wide location and don't have an international airport, then you are at a disadvantage."

Paul Barbers latest comments now look nothing like the above - surprise surprise...

Seems to me that there are many short-sighted people trying to make money off the back of industrial units which will attract local businesses into them as they will be very attractive financially. This in turn will leave those units that they have moved out of empty for which the local authority will not be collecting rates from... You can see where this is going can't you?

I really do hope the majority of Thanet residents get what they desperately need - their airport back up and running backed by a company which is going to invest heavily in this great historical facility.

Bill Cummins, Ashford

What do you think, do you agree with Bill?

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