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Why voting Lib-Dem in Thanet might be a bad idea.

Actually I am starting to feel like voting in Thanet Might be a bad idea. The only people that it might be worth voting for are random fringe party candidates with no hope of getting more than a tiny fraction of the votes.

I have no intention of voting Conservative having seen more to convince me not to recently than to convince me I have anything to gane.

I have little intention of voting Labour other than Gorden Brown showed a tiny inclination towards transparency by asking Sir Tim Berners Lee for help. Sadly though, Labour could not even be bothered to show us a picture of their North Thanet candidate which shows us how much they value our vote, opinion and interests. (Not at all, I'd say).

I have a swiftly deminishing inclination to vote Liberal Democrats because it seems that locally the Lib Dems have all the interest in Thanet of a well roasted turnip on a silver plate somewhere in Outer Mongolia.

Take, for example, Peter Bucklitsch who is standing for South Thanet. His evry small online contribution brags about getting elelcted on a few random councils and how he can identify much better with the needs and aspirations of the constituency. Which is all well and good except that he expects us to write to him (and presumably visit him) in Sandwich.

Peter Bucklitsch: a quick update you are standing for Thanet, mate. Get your backside over here right now!

Generally speaking, I would have said, that the "needs of the constituency", Mr Bucklitsch, would be that the MP be accessable and at least sometimes be in the same postcode area as the people he or she reprisents.

Does Peter Bucklitsch even know what Ramsgate looks like?

Does Peter Bucklitsch have an opinion on Flights out of Manston and if so what are they?

Does Peter Bucklitsch upport development of Port Ramsgate and if so what are his first objectives when or if he comes to power?

Can Peter Bucklitsch even name a single business opperating from the habour area?

Not according to his official page - he's much more interested in telling us that he will vote however Nick Clegg and Vince Cable tell him to. So, effectively, Thanet South are voting for Peter Bucklitsch as an opinion-less avatar of the combined will of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. If they wanted Nick Clegg to be MP for Thanet South then they should have stood him for election here!

Laura Murphy (Lib Dem candidate for Thanet North) is just as bad. She expects us to go visit Herne Bay if we want to drop in to see her. That's fine if she was standing for Herne Bay but once more this Lib Dem is not even in the right county. Much like Peter Bucklitsch, Laura Murphy thinks that a few words about how she's an ordinary person is all the effort that is needed.

Political Campaign Fail.

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This Normal comment was left by Alice [score: 0]:

“this Lib Dem is not even in the right county.”
You make a fair point about the Liberal Democrat candidates living outside of their constituencies, however last time I checked Thanet has not yet been elevated to ‘county’ status.
05/05/2010 19:04:38

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

You got me. I should have written district. 4 points to you.
06/05/2010 16:54:16
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