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Who reads Thanet Star?

Thanet Star presents a mix of news, politics, reviews, events and opinion on issues and stories from around Thanet. It reaches people via a number of technologies and social media websites.

Thanet Star has well over 1100 followers on twitter and every post is announced at least twice to our followers at the time of publication and at some point later on too. Each post is often discussed before, during and after writing especially when extra research is needed.

In addition to the more than a thousand Twitter followers Thanet Star has about 250 Facebook Fans who see not only our headlines as they happen but additional photographs, debates and polls. This goes well beyond the initial "likes" with our discussion on Margate High street reaching 444 Facebook feeds and our False Widow info graphic reaching over 5,900 facebook feeds and being shared 118 times so far.

In just a few days one website article was shared on Facebook some 134 times with a ShareThis total of over 1126.

We have a nominal presence on a number of other sites (Pintrest, TumblR etc) which can sometimes surprise us with a burst of visitors. We don't have any figures for these sites and our reach there.

Around 110 people read Thanet Star via a feedreader using our RSS feed. This feed is what enables a large number of other Thanet blogs to carry our headlines (in the side bar most often). We have no way of tracking our reach in this regard but site stats show that approximately 50 to 100 visitors each day come in to the site via this sharing.

Very few of our visitors leave comments on site (many prefer to talk on Facebook or Twitter) although some topics attract more discussion than others. At a rough estimate on a daily basis between 0.1% to 0.8% of our visitors comment on site but those that do often leave multiple comments.

On a daily basis we probably reach approximately 1500 people. However there are some fairly extreme peaks when a story or post takes off in a way we were not necessarily expecting. In which case some days we possibly reach as many 5,000 people and maybe more. That's an estimated yearly reach of 546,000.

The site runs on a daily cost of less than two-tenths of a penny per person reached. Our running costs are about 50 to 60 a month on server and bandwidth plus the cost of getting about and generally participating in order to review which are covered by our writers from their own pocket.

Adverts cover a fraction of this cost and as such every one who works on Thanet Star does so unpaid. In fact we often pay the cost of running the site ourselves with Matt carrying the bulk of the server running cost.

We hope to increase our reach to double the current figures in the next year. We do not have any funding in place for the coming year but would like to work with one or two local businesses to provide promotion in exchange for sponsorship. We will let you know how this goes.

So that's a breakdown of who has been reading Thanet Star but you are not a number. You are a person. How long have you been reading Thanet Star and what was your favorite article, post, story or comment?

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