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Who actually believes TDCs Health and Safety line?

Is it any wonder that no one trusts our council?

On the one hand Thanet District Council were providing possitive feedback on the Little Oasis Skate Park but on the other hand called it unlawful. Which is it guys? Pick one and stick with it.

The Little Oasis Skate Park was built by and funded by members of the local community on a long time derelict site. By all reports the council had been very possitive about the project and police and fire services had been supportive of the project with crime rates falling in the area as a result of the skate area.

Then, because exactly no one had been hurt there ever, they cited health and safety and bulldozed the site.

According to a freedom of information request Thanet District Council became suddenly worried about "health and saftey" and not wanting to be sued ignored everything they had said before and knocked the park down. It is claimed that the council is planning to build three other skate parks but details of these are currently not available...

The skate park is unlawful and the occupancy of the skaters amounts to trespass says the justification (See further down the page). The council say this while we are also told that the council was actively encouraging the developers of the skate park and, by all reports, giving them only possitive feedback.

This is some pretty poor miscommunication.

The move took people by surprise upsetting many.

A petition calling for restorative action by TDC has already reached 2,800 signitures.

After taking away this crime reducing community project that hurt no one and did a lot of good the council tried saying that they would set up a mobile site for skating for a week or so in May because that's almost as good... (not).

Below is a link to the document in question as shared on Facebook.

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Public Comments

This Insightful Golden comment was left by Duncan Smithson [score: 4]:

Its shocking. I take the councils point that there was a liability, but this could be reduced through partnership working - talk to the skaters and tell them their concerns, dont just bulldoze their dreams!

Work with them - not against them.

Amazing piece of community engagement work between the leader of the Council and his ward!

30/03/2014 15:53:07

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Of course this had nothing to do with the embarrassment of being forced to back down over the fencing they put up not so very long ago...
30/03/2014 18:01:10