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Which is Laziest Party in TDC? (It might surprise you)

Which party worked hardest for you in Thanet District Council?

Not all parties are the same and today we can tell you who the laziest and hardest working parties are in Thanet District Council (TDC).

This is what the make up of TDC looks like at the moment (for this chart I have not adjusted for certain disgraced members and recently unlisted members of parties).

TDC Party make up 2015

Going from the council's own record of meeting attendance since the last election, as you would expect, the number of meetings attended roughly reflects this. Although some parties are clearly doing more than others.

This is what happens when we chart the work (in terms of meetings attended) by the parties (not such a big change). You might notice that some parties are doing more or less by a small amount (or so it seems) than their membership count might indicate.

Per Party Work in TDC

However when we rescale for party size something interesting is shown - there is a hard working group and a very lazy one too. It's not what you would think from these charts.

Average Work per Party in Thanet

To rescale we took the average (meeting attendance and divided by number of party members in the council). This was when the laziest party started to became clear.

TDC Average Wrok per Party

This is what the work per party actually looks like on an average per party. No, your eyes are not playing tricks - one group is actually working harder than the others while another (UKIP) are slacking off. Here are the (party average) figures in order.

  1. Independent (117)
  2. Labour (101)
  3. Conservative (87)
  4. Green (79)
  5. UKIP (52)

Despite UKIP's claims to be different to other parties what we can see is that they actually do a lot less work - around half that of other parties. Independent members contributing more than double what UKIP members are.

Just doing the minimum

It is not meeting allocation that is letting UKIP down both independent and UKIP missed roughly an average of 10 meetings per member but independent councillors generally attended a lot more extra meetings. Councillor Thomas King (independent) was one of the hardest working members of the council clocking in an additional 59 meetings on top of the ones he is required to attend.

Average Missed meetings per party in TDC

In terms of value for money (or perhaps value for your vote) UKIP are the poorest investment. UKIP are more or less doing the minimum they have to whereas all other parties are doing a lot more on top of this. UKIP seem, from this, to be singularly disinterested.

One thing is perhaps not so clear from this that some councillors do a lot of work while others, not so much. Next post I will look at who the laziest individual councillors have been and who have been the hardest working. Once more I think it will not quite be what you were expecting.

Methodology note: I used TDC's meeting attendance figures per councillor as a numeric expression of work. There are some things that are not so easy to measure like supporting the public but if TDC would care to track such information I would be happy to include it. However meeting attendance acts as a good metric for these other missing data as meetings are often where issues are sorted out and concerns from the public are raised.

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