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What Google can tell us about the people of Thanet

Google has been telling us that we bloggers might be boring

Yesterday I published a list of top search terms that people used to find Thanet Star in the last four months. The list had a few surprises in it but what was most telling was what was missing.

People looking for Thanet Star via Google is likely to always be the top search term and I am used to seeing at least one Cosmo search term in the list (there were two this time) but there was a single search that I did not expect and several that I did expect that were not there.

The big new comer surprise was the number of people sticking "The Bracket Margate" into their favourate search engine. Clearly some Margate Pubs and Clubs are making waves out there in the real world.

The missing search term surprises were: Election, Labour Party, Leader of the Council and Turner Centre. None of these made the top 100 keywords.

Additionally no one is interested in reading about Westwood Cross, The Margate Harbor Lighthouse (which apparently might get painted) or the proposals to convert the clock tower back to gridlock.

In short Google, Yahoo and Bing are telling us that no one is interested in these topics. No one is searching for politics in Thanet, no one is looking for opinion on the Turner Centre and no one seems to care what stupid and self condemning thing one of the area's political types has done this week.

Lots of people want to know about "Dentists in Thanet", "Margate Caves", "Hornby Margate" and places to eat and drink.

A few people are interested in Simon Moores (56th), Sandy Ezekiel (55th) Peter Checksfield (54th and 51st), Mark Nottingham (50th) and Jimmy Godden related fires (too many to list). Each of these getting less than ten visitors to Thanet Star by search despite my having a lot of high ranking content for these names.

Up where there numbers are smaller and more meaningful people seem interested in "Dane Valley Woods" (39th), Carpets (33rd), "How to live on JSA" (29th, 18th), "Thanet Snow" (25th), Dane Park (28th), Thanet News (15th) and Thanet Blogs (11th).

What this tells me is that the reason blogging is not making a bigger splash in Thanet is that we are not addressing the full range of things that people are interested in.

The question is how can we address that?

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Not sure how I managed to come in both 54th & 51st(?).

As for "The Margate Harbor Lighthouse", maybe they spelt "Harbour" correctly. ; )
28/01/2011 17:05:42

This Normal comment was left by Marty [score: 0]:

Well it is good to know that Thanet Blogs ranks quite well. I might add that to my key search words
28/01/2011 18:59:54

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

@Peter People search for you and people search for Naked in Thanet. Also spelling are the searchers as I copy and pasted the info. I probably mis-spelled and so too do searchers.

@Marty - sure best approach is to write a blog post about Thanet Blogging. I'd do it for each good search term. Pages of good information on each subject adds value for the users and makes the world a better place. Just remember that this is based by the searches that I rank well for so low traffic for something might just mean I'm on page 2.
29/01/2011 11:44:20

This Normal comment was left by Enagic [score: 0]:

I think Lots of people want to know about "Dentists in Thanet", "Margate Caves", "Hornby Margate" and places to eat and drink.
29/01/2011 15:01:05
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