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What can we expect from a UKIP TDC?

Now that UKIP control TDC what are they going to do with it?

In what, I cannot help but feel, was a “wrong turn at Albuquerque” for Thanet we have elected a UKIP council.

So what can we expect from a UKIP council?

This is actually quite difficult to predict as UKIP have never controlled a council before. This is their first, ever.

Thanet District Council is being run by novice councillors.

Further complicating matters is that, aside from one well known defector from the Tories, all the council members appear to have never done the job before.

Statistically speaking UKIP councillors in Thanet do not work very hard. This tend might continue but with the council in their control the UKIP councillors might have no choice but to work harder.

TDC Average Work per Party

Worth keeping an eye upon is the question of whether UKIP councillors will take advice from the far more seasoned opposition members?

What have UKIP promised to do and can they do it?

UKIP's promises for the council are a bit thin on the ground but from the literature I have seen this is what they have pledged to do.

Looking through the what I could find it seems that UKIP has made two very big pledges and a lot of smaller ones that either are part of the job any way or were already in place.

  • £80 spot fines for littering. This UKIP Pledge is a total cheat as it is already the case that such fines exist. If the party did not already know that these fines exist are they ready to run a council?
  • CPO Manston. Not a surprising pledge given how many SMA-UKIP councillors there are. However, Thanet Labour were hesitant to take the plunge with the support of the other parties. Can UKIP make it work when the uniformed support for the airport is likely to be far less enthusiastic to work with UKIP? A lot of the secondary support was offered from Europe so how will UKIP work with that?
  • Redraft the local plan. This is also a cheat as almost every incoming council does this anyway.
  • Reduce the drive to build houses on greenfield sites. Doing this requires a strong and well informed planning committee. With only novice councillors I wonder if this is a goal that they can obtain?
  • End live exports. I have no idea how UKIP plans to pull this one off. Labour bent over backwards to try and make this happen and every time they came close they were taken to court and forced to back down. Every effort so far has only resulted in us paying more money for no gain.
  • And finally... Actually as far as I can tell that is all they promised to do.

Have I missed anything?

Thanet Star will revisit these issues once the new TDC has had time to make things happen.

What do you think of UKIP's pledges?

Can they make them happen?

Do they have the experience necessary to run a council?

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