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Out of interest I took a look at the top 5 search results for the search term "web design thanet" on Google. What would these five
results be like? What can we learn?

Three things were missing from the Top 5 results for "web design thanet": Indented results (supplementary results), breakout results
(additional links under the search result) and anything that ranks at all for the search term "Thanet".

The first two indicate a strong web presence and the later indicates that the "web designer" knows how to get his content ranked
in search engine. This is vital because a web designer that can not get his or her own content ranked can not hope to get
your content ranked. That means no traffic and your website costs are wasted.

Keep reading for my review of the top 5 sites currently available for "web design thanet".

Top 5 sites for "web design thanet" reviewed

Beach Shore Design Ltd -

The graphical elements were relevant to the search results.

Layout had imperfections in Firefox but that's just a minor quibble compared to
the dire error of Duplicate Content. The very bottom of the site blue on a
lighter blue background were the names of Thanet towns and locations and each one led
to what seemed to me to be the same page.

Duplicate content
is a big no-no in web design.

Just as bad is the crippling offer to keep your web presence up to date.
The most important service a web site designer or engineer can offer a company is
to put them in control of their own content. Designers can not react as fast as you can
to changes in your industry. That's why they design instead of lead your industry.

Too spammy for my tastes.

FAIL I would not short list
them for seriouse use based on what I have seen.

TW Design -

The page design was reasonable and consistent with the geeky topic.

The page was crowded and did not display an awareness of the finer
points of new media, attention marketing or even sales. Furthermore the offer of
"Free SEO" linked to a page that said only Web site under construction,
Please check back later.

FAIL I do not see this outfit
as being ready to serve the needs of Thanet.

Beach Shore -

Crisp and clean (but also a little uninviting).

Hang on, thinks I, this name seems kinda similar to the first results.
I think it might be.

The design work seemed of a reasonable standard in the portfolio section but when a spam-a-like site beats it's primary (Thanet
based) business site for the top spot something might be wrong.

FAIL I was very put off by what
the first result said about the company. Their SEO seems too risky and lacking in
what I consider the basics.

Very arty. Nice to look at. As designers go they can clearly design.

They come from a print background and it shows. The design work is not bad
but it is not good enough for the modern web.

WEAK While I would not dismiss
them out of hand knowing what I do about
how to use the Internet and what a website should do for a business I would think twice.

Spammy fake search results. Whatever was here is gone.


Overall view for "web design thanet"

The "web design thanet" web results indicate that Thanet has a big need for quality website advise on a business level. I will try to take more time to provide this via Thanet Star and can only hope for now that someone rises to fill the need.

Has your Thanet based business had a website created? Did you make any sales in the first year as a direct result? What was your experience of the process?

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This Normal comment was left by don [score: 0]:

I am not a Thanet business but I do keep the Saint Pauls Northdown Road website updated http://www.saint-paulsclift...
We get a fair bit of traffic and visitors to the church as a result of it so a wEb presence works.I am amazed by the amount of people who dont have any form of website good or bad
21/09/2009 10:41:14