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Was Manston airport always doomed?

With the "threat" of imminent closure we wonder aloud why the current owner purchased the airport as a business?

It seems that only a few (non-literal) minutes ago a certain rich lady (Ann Gloag) purchased the airport business at Manston. For a pound, if I recall. Now the airport is looking like it will close.

Local MPs have, as is their job, staggered into action to try and "save the airport". With possible buyers being found fairly quickly.

The question is why buy a business only to close it so quickly?

I can think of few actual assets that could be stripped from the company so this was not a value grab takeover. So what is going on here?

Well certainly the losses of 10,000 a day might be a contributing factor but are they the only issue?

The announcements of the closure have, it seems, scared away what business the airport did have.

So was the airport grab a bum move for Ann Gloag, was she always going to close it down or is this a sly move to get more out than she put in by making the MPs of Thanet find a buyer?

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