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Was Manston airport always doomed?

With the "threat" of imminent closure we wonder aloud why the current owner purchased the airport as a business?

It seems that only a few (non-literal) minutes ago a certain rich lady (Ann Gloag) purchased the airport business at Manston. For a pound, if I recall. Now the airport is looking like it will close.

Local MPs have, as is their job, staggered into action to try and "save the airport". With possible buyers being found fairly quickly.

The question is why buy a business only to close it so quickly?

I can think of few actual assets that could be stripped from the company so this was not a value grab takeover. So what is going on here?

Well certainly the losses of 10,000 a day might be a contributing factor but are they the only issue?

The announcements of the closure have, it seems, scared away what business the airport did have.

So was the airport grab a bum move for Ann Gloag, was she always going to close it down or is this a sly move to get more out than she put in by making the MPs of Thanet find a buyer?

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Public Comments

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Lorraine [score: 2]:

Yes interesting thought. I certainly get sick and tired of the constant blaming on Thanet people objecting to night flights. Total red herring. Other airports thrive with no night flights yet this is always the ridiciculous reason peddled out to cover up the real reasons .
25/03/2014 17:45:55

This Normal comment was left by Notsnam [score: 0]:

After 17 years here in Thanet , I'm staggered at the negativity of the residents , or at least the left-wing losers who have probably contributed to the current state of affairs with objection after objection to any form of expansion of Manston airport. Initially it was MAG (Manston Airport Group) who banged on ad nauseam about Russian cargo planes and the downdraught lifting tiles from homes beneath .....yes, I kid you not !! That was THEIR argument. I used to have neighbours in down-at-heel Ramsgate before I 'escaped' (whoopee !! ) who objected to all and everything to do with Manston The hostility towards the airport over many years would most certainly be a dissuasive to would-be investors. Now we are at this sorry state. Infratil sell it for 1 to Ann Gloag who will undoubtedly sell it off for housing ( but where are all these new residents going to be working ??) Well, I'm 17 years wiser to the Thanet mentality which can be summed up as 'loadsa beer , no work , no change ....except in my pocket after paying for the next round' . Depressing. See ya laiha !! ( sounds all too familiar doesn't it ? )
25/03/2014 20:43:50

This Normal comment was left by Martin Webber [score: 0]:

Gosh! Your article states "I can think of few actual assets that could be stripped from the company...." In fact, Ms Gloag has bought herself a massive tract of hugely valuable land which, sadly, will now be developed into vast housing estates at an enormous profit for her.

Whether Thanet needs thousands more houses and whether Thanet has the jobs to support so much new housing is highly questionable but our local council, in their wisdom,
are letting Ms Gloag reap her profit at our expense.
26/03/2014 08:55:02

This Normal comment was left by Laura [score: 0]:

Oh, great...
28/03/2014 15:15:47

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

It is my understanding that the airport as a business does not have full control of the airport land. However if you have more information (which would indicate a land grab) then please do educate me.
30/03/2014 17:57:57

This Normal comment was left by Yvonne [score: 0]:

well, negative talking is nearly as bad as the negative actions of a lot of local community her in thanet!
i have been a thanet resident for nearly 10 years now and a proud one at that! i believe it is a great shame that an attempt to better thanet is due to stop before it has even really started!
in personal opinion, i would judge the current state of this town solely on the bad relationship between the general public and the local council! i believe that if we all had a better understanding and was therefore listened to regarding our, as a community, wants and needs... life in general would be a lot easier and the standard local atmosphere a lot less tense!!
04/04/2014 21:42:08
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