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Unite plan a week of action against Thanet Earth

Horticulture Week ( are reporting that Unite plan further protests against Thanet Earth over working conditions there with a week of action. Locals (although they do not say which of us) have allegedly complained that Thanet Earth have not stuck to their promises of creating 550 new jobs and the word on the street seems to be that exactly no local people are working at Thanet Earth.

Thanet Earth's main customers are Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S and agency HRGO. It is these customers that Unite are planing to target. Unite are calling for two specific things firstly Unite want to see an end to the use of a casual workforce at Thanet Earth but they would also like to see recognition of the union by Thanet Earth along with "union rights" which perhaps Thanet Star's more informed readers might like to expand upon for us.

Investigations by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority into the claims that Thanet Earth employs 90% casual workers with almost no rights and even less job security are still under way. According to the article Thanet Earth employ mainly migrant workers through four different agencies and the general impression I now have of Thanet Earth is that should you complain about something no mater how unfair that something is then you no longer have a job.

Unite to stage further protests against Thanet Earth as GLA investigates union's claim | Login | Horticulture Week

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Let us know what you think.

Have you had an opportunity to work at Thanet Earth?

Do you know if the products you buy come from Thanet Earth and would you choose to buy it if you did know?

Are Unite right to push the issue in this way?

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Joe [score: 0]:

I don't think it is just Thanet Earth, though. I saw a gang working a field just yesterday, having apparently arrived to by minibus.
30/06/2011 15:58:47

This Normal comment was left by Restore the Constitution [score: 0]:

Apart from the dubious labour practices you refer to Matt, vegetables grown on rockwool, and fed with fertiliser from a bottle, are doing people more harm than good.

This fact has been known for many decades, though kept very quiet by the media and government, and is part of the UN's agenda Codex Alimentarius, which also involves the move towards genetically modified produce.

I have no evidence that Thanet Earth is producing vegetables from genetically modified seed, but if that is the case, then the scenario is infinitely worse.

The answer is to grow your own.
03/07/2011 10:35:28
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