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UKIP & Tory Councillors vote in favour of racism

The motion before Thanet District Council tonight was a simple one, agree to continue to oppose racism and discrimination. But, the UKIP and Troy councillors were united in opposition.

Tonight Thanet District Council, under the direction of UKIP and Conservative councillors, voted in favour of racism in Thanet.

The motion, which was met by applause from the public, was quickly squashed by UKIP with a motion to not debate the motion.

A point of order was raised pointing out that by not allowing ten minutes for debate the motion would "fall" and therefore would be rejected by the council sending the message that Thanet District Council did not plan to continue to oppose racism.

This was met by smirks from UKIP councillors.

A vote was taken on whether or not the council should debate the motion (or reject it) and every UKIP, every Tory (as far as I could see) and everyone else with the exception of four Labour councillors swiftly voted to allow the motion to fall.

As the vote by show of hands was called there was a hush of disbelief from the public. As the vote was counted there were hisses and cries of this says so much, not in my name, and you're a disgrace from the public.

It fell to the public to remind councillors this goes on record, but they ignored the public and pressed forward with a near-united vote.

The public became more agitated with general cries of protest and not-too-subtle suggestions that each vote was a racist vote.

Tonight the UKIP and Tory councillors in TDC voted against an anti-racism motion allowing it to fall without debate. Thereby indicating that not only were they not in favour of pledging to have the council continue to oppose racism but they were not willing to even allow it to be discussed.

This was followed by a large-scale angry walkout by all or most of the general public.

Only five Labour councillors voted in support of the motion.

This is our council at work. Voting in favour of racism.

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