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Topics that guarantee new readers to Thanet blogs

Let us be honest - search engine results are a dirty topic with Thanet's home-brew media. However, it is a subject that, much like sex, is better off out in the open. We are much less likely to get funny ideas that way.

In the first of what I hope will be a series of posts on the topic, I want to address to address the subject of crafting content to get readers. This is simply done by writing some of your blog posts or site pages specifically with a single search phrase in mind. By picking a relatively highly used phrase with a low quality of results you can be sure to score well and get the attention of the people doing the searching.

Thanet has, on the whole, got some amazingly under populated niches with high levels of traffic. Traffic that would produce reasonably well-paying AdSense prices (for those that run such adverts). It would not take an SEO genius to dominate the search results for any of the searches I have identified.

Each one has a high level of daily search traffic (people looking for these phrases) and a low level of relevant based results. In some cases, there are more adverts than search results. Consider: kent England genealogy, DJ Equipment Kent, DJ Equipment Thanet, Thanet Real Estate, Rent Prices Thanet and Thanet Homes To Rent they are all ripe for the taking.

There are limits, of course. Writing about DJ equipment in Thanet on a blog dedicated to, say, Real Estate makes no sense at all and will only serve to upset or confuse people. So engage the old brain box when selecting topics.

You do not in any way need to limit yourself to my few examples. I imagine that there are many "long tail" search phrases that are under represented for Thanet. ("" is a phrase that basically means the stuff that performs best over time).

Thanet Finder has a list of popular search terms and there are tools that exist to help you identify more. This keyword research is good both for you as a site author and for the users of search engines as it provided topic specific content where it might be lacking and this draws fresh visitors to your site.

Feel free to share search phrases that you feel are currently under represented or your methods of using your content to draw new readers.

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