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Toby Carvery, Westwood Cross

For a celebratory occasion, three of us had a wander around Westwood Cross for somewhere to eat and toast to our good news. There were huge queues almost everywhere, overpriced establishments, or a lack of vegetarian (for myself) options available, so the two gentleman accompanying me both suggested Toby Carvery, which although mostly meat-based, has vegetarian options and a full Buffet to choose from for a relatively low cost, so that is where we went.

We had to wait half an hour or so to be seated, but unlike many other eateries, this one has a separate seating area near the bar, so we were given a numbered "buzzer" and told to sit and wait there until it flashed, which would tell us it was our turn in the queue. This is a far superior system to anywhere else that I have been that has required queuing, and as a disabled patron, I found it particularly useful.

I am not actually a vegetarian but rather an "ethitarian", which means that I do like to eat meat, but only if it is ethically sourced; for instance, free range meats or farmed fish. So, I made a point of inquiring with the staff about where their meat comes from, and unlike other places I have been who react with the utmost confusion and disrespect, the staff member actually went and spoke with management in order to answer my question, which impressed me. Sadly they did not have much information for me, so I had to stick with the vegetarian options, however.

The vegetarian meal options are limited, as is to be expected, but though there are few on the menu itself, once you have your main course, you can fill your place with the various options from the Buffet as many times as you want. There were plenty of vegetables, potatoes, mash, parsnips, etc, and it felt like a Christmas Dinner, if I am honest!

The meat options were far more plentiful, and each of us ate more than once from the Buffet, and though the cost was quite cheap, the drinks (and any dessert/s you may want) are what cost the real money, so be wary of that. Meat portions are also very small.

The disabled toilets were quite ridiculous, with little toilet paper, no soap and an emergency help handle that was quite far from the seat, which seemed a tad counter-productive. The waitress who served us was also quite incompetent, we had to stop her taking away my food before I was done with it!

Over all, though, I can recommend this place if you are on a tight budget, especially with a group of friends. It is not the best place to eat, but at such a low cost for a refillable Buffet, you really cannot complain.

Illisia Adams is a local blogger, photographer and freelance writer. She will be writing for Thanet Star from time to time on topics of interest to her. Illisia moved to Thanet one year ago and so she has a fresh and, I hope, less jaded view of life here.
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