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Three days to spread the Christmas spirit to teens in need!

Westwood Cross' Tesco Harris & Hoole are encouraging the local community to make Christmas special for some in-need teens, providing them with presents this holiday season, but their efforts are proving naught, with the Christmas tree looking sadly empty.

Christmas Tree

Harris & Hoole are collecting presents such as clothing, board games and toiletries for teens aged sixteen to eighteen who are in need of a little "Christmas Spirit".

The Pipeline Youth Initiative is a club run by the Young Kent charity which helps young people who have - for one reason or another - ended up living alone, in supported housing, without family or friends, and would therefore without this collection have no presents come Christmas Day. The charity aims to help these teens "get back on track" but this cute little seasonal event is just to spread some happiness to them.

Collection of presents began on December 1st, yet when I visited a couple of days ago, the tree was looking worryingly empty. The final date for collection of gifts is December 15th, so if you have anything at all that you can spare, please do donate!

You can gift to these teens by wrapping up a present and bringing it to the Tesco at Westwood Cross, where if you turn left through the main entrance you can find the Harris & Hoole containing that ever-important "Giving Tree". When you are there, pick up a tag, fill in the blanks, and place your gift under the tree, ready to be received by those in need, come Christmas Day, and hopefully put a smile on their faces.

You can also donate to Young Kent via LocalGiving here.

I hope that many of you will consider giving! Many Blessings to you all this holiday season!

Please note that if you are hosting a fundraiser or know of an event in aid of a good cause that you think deserves being shared, please do not hesitate getting-in-touch! We would love to inform our readers and encourage them to get involved.

Photograph by: Illisia Adams.

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