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Today was not a good day to be on a bike of any kind in London Bridge. In the space of less than one hundred meters I saw police and paramedics in attendance of two separate accidents. According to a cyclist I asked for directions from there was a third accident further up the road too. Unsurprisingly with some junctions blocked of by police things were not good in the traffic department there.

Meanwhile back home in Thanet buses have been following alternative routes today which have played havoc with time tables and schedules. Not to mention driving limits.

Apparently this is made worse for those hoping to catch the 8 or 8A as there are further difficulties in Canterbury and tomorrow is set to be worse.

As a result of all that the 8 which normally comes up into Cecil Square and then turns left had to go the long way round which took in sight of the Steam Fair at the Dreamland site and a quick drive past of the Turner Centre and Winter Gardens.

To be honest I've not been paying a huge amount of attention to goings on these last few weeks so seeing the fair was the first clue that I had that it was on. If anyone can tell us what it is like be sure to speak up in the comments.

A few minutes later, as I said, we passed the Turner Centre which reminded me that the council have suddenly become very concerned about flooding. One wonders at what stage someone began to question putting the building where it floods and started to put in defence plans. These plans should mean no flood for roughly 200 years at which point the Turner Centre will no doubt be in trouble.

It's not all bad news there as the BBC report that the art gallery has had 100,000 visitors in six weeks. Not at all bad I think.

In other news Primark are setting up shop in Westwood Cross which could cause a further downward trend for Margate high-street's much smaller (and often too busy to use) branch.

Primark signs for 70,000 sq ft Thanet store | Online | Property Week

Land Securities has secured Primark to occupy a new 70,000 sq ft anchor store at its Westwood Cross shopping and leisure centre in Thanet, East Kent.

Meanwhile just as Margate seems set to suffer another blow so too might Thanet Earth. Of course that rather depends on where they are exporting to but as Russia has just banned EU fresh fruit after an E. coli outbreak thought to be linked to vegetables that may have come from Germany. Even if Thanet Earth does not export to the soviet end of the world the sudden increase in hard to shift stock might have a knock-on effect as demand drops.

News flash: Russia bans raw vegetables from EU | The Rambling Epicure

Reuters has just reported that Russia has banned raw vegetables from the E.U. in relation to the E. coli outbreak which seemingly started in Germany which has killed 17 people and made more than 1,500 others ill in 8 European countries.

Of course as a keen allotment holder I can tell you that Chicken poo is the best stuff for making crops grow and there has been a growing danger from that side of things for the last thirty years. E. coli in the guts of chickens can become a super bug in just days when chickens are fed antibiotics for no good reason other than human greed.

You Want Superbugs with That?

Feeding antibiotics to healthy livestock is leading to an emerging human health crisis—one scientists and government officials have seen coming for decades.

Talking of drugs no new news on the doctor from Margate who faces action because he dared to suggest turning to the church for support. Although I should point out that Thanet Waves author Luke managed to get a segment in a pod cast on politics about this very topic. Nice one buddy.

Meanwhile in Ramsgate people are complaining about a long time empty property. Member of the Council cabinet Chris Wells said: The council is trying to contact the owner to find out their plans for the property. We take the issue of empty properties seriously and will do whatever we can to help bring it back into use.

Roughly translated this means I have made a mental not to snap off an email now that the problem is so bad that the news papers are interested. So pull the other one Chris, it's got bells on.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Luke Edwards [score: 0]:

Thanks for the mention, Matt! Much appreciated. I might make semi-regular contributions to that podcast. We'll see.
02/06/2011 18:49:45

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

You're welcome. Might have to book mark it if you do.
02/06/2011 21:32:42

This Normal comment was left by Colin Edwards [score: 0]:

Thanks for your blog. Please keep it positive ...unlike Gazette/Times that seem to relish stories that knock our wonderful place.
As for Carter's Steam Fair ... how could you miss all those posters. It is FANTASTIC, pure nostalgia, clean, with happy staff. Don't imagine it's all traction engines. There are none. Just beautiful and lovingly restored fairground rides. A great inspiration for what Dreamland could become!
03/06/2011 09:33:03

This Normal comment was left by Louise Adams [score: 0]:

We had a fab time at the steam fair too. Prices did seem high at £2 a ride but when you got on one, it was well worth it. Ride operators didn't skimp on allocated time either. dodgems lasted for ages not like some fairs we've been to. Soaking up the atmosphere was free too. Magical and took me back to my childhood when we used to wander round Dreamland and could only afford a candyfloss! Can't complain about the price when you think about the labour needed to pack up, transport and set up all that equipment from one location to the next. hope it comes back next year.
03/06/2011 21:29:47

This Normal comment was left by Oi, Rothschild... No! [score: 0]:

Matt, there is strong evidence that points to the ecoli superbug being a deliberate act of terrorism by corporate interests on organic farming, and on us.
09/06/2011 10:18:06

This Normal comment was left by Problem, reaction, solution [score: 0]:

Matt, the e-coli superbug was made in a corporate lab with the intention of wiping out european organic farming, paving the way for their genetically modified rubbish.

I wish these inbred f*ckwits would knock it off, nobody is fooled by their sneaky tricks anymore.
09/06/2011 11:31:49
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