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Two weeks of positive posts - day one

I mentioned recently (Thanet has arrived online) that I wanted to try and find something positive to say about Thanet on 14 different topics over 14 days. As Peter Checksfield was the first to reply to that post (in stereo) I think I will start with him today.

Peter Checksfield is a Rising Star
Peter Checksfield is Thanet's leading cheeky chappy, outspoken nudist and the local naked photographer (read that one how you will) famous for his (NSFW) Naked in Thanet website (among other things). There is even a fan "led" Peter Checksfield Appreciation Society which has among it's (rather scant) number our local reporter Thom Morris.

Peter has been widely interviewed not just by us blog writers and he is no stranger to the newspapers of the island. Take for example the cuttings found at or on Peter's own gallery as just two examples of the kind of, ahem, exposure he enjoys.

You may also be able to catch up with Peter Checksfield at Live in Thanet, MySpace, or the usenet group uk.rec.naturist.

I am pleased to grant the second ever "Raising Star of Thanet" award to Peter Checksfield who truly is a star of Thanet. Giving us something interesting to talk about since at least 2005. Thanet is a more interesting place for having our very own cheeky photographer. Thank you Peter Checksfield.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Wow, thanks for this Matt, it's really made my day!!! : )
15/05/2008 21:25:19

This Normal comment was left by Tracey Bibby [score: 0]:

Hehe! That's brilliant! Peter should get more recognition, his work truly is very special, and indeed tasteful. Well done Pete! :o)
15/05/2008 21:33:52

This Normal comment was left by Miss Elle [score: 0]:

Peter rocks! He's one of the best photographers I've ever had the pleasure to work with :)
16/05/2008 06:31:41

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

You're welcome Peter. I agree with the sentiments of Miss Elle and Tracey Bibby - you are cool and goovey and thus are most deserving of not just a little praise.
16/05/2008 13:54:56

This Normal comment was left by Tash [score: 0]:

A well deserved award! Peter is a star photographer and his naked in Thanet series is an interesting alternative to the standard tourist board version of Thanet.
17/05/2008 09:21:31

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Absolutely, Tash, he makes Thanet a more interesting place to live and long may he do so. Thanks for dropping buy and showing your support for our star photographer.
17/05/2008 21:41:53
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