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The news regarding Thanet this week-end is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand we are being told that this end of Kent faces the loss of 13,700 potential job losses by 2018...

Your Thanet :: Article :: Taskforce calls for Government support ahead of 13,700 expected job losses in east Kent

A taskforce set up to help in the recovery of east Kent has called for a bolder approach from Government after economic experts warned of 13,700 potential job losses by 2018.

...on the other hand the BBc mentions that the Council's compulsory purchase of Dreamland has run into problems. The owners the so-called "Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company" is objecting to the purchase order as unsurprisingly it can make a lot more money if it can build a large number of houses.

BBC News - Margate's Dreamland owners to reject forced sale order

The owners of Margate's disused Dreamland theme park say they will object to a compulsory purchase order from Thanet Council, forcing a public inquiry.

And finally...

It seems that some musical rivalry has broken out into real world vandalism.

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