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The Intolerant Wife Closes

It appears that after two years of supplying #FoodForEveryone the Intolerant Wife in Broadstairs has ceased trading.

An announcement was placed on Facebook yesterday where the owner, Seth Proctor, and his wife thanked everyone for their support.

The Intolerant Wife Closes

The Intolerant Wife was, to many, just a café like many others, but to some it was a lifeline. Offering a wide-ranging and varied menu, with options for gluten-free, wheat-free, many other intolerances, along with vegan food, the Intolerant Wife really did cater for all. The loss of a small business like this really is a shame, particularly with the owner’s involvement and promotion of Shop Local, a campaign to encourage residents to use independent retailers instead of chain stores.

In the face of mass-market conformity the Intolerant Wife was a refreshing and unique alternative that will be sorely missed.

Have you ever eaten at the Intolerant Wife? What was your experience?

EDIT: Replaced Facebook embed code with screenshot because FB's code was not playing nicely.

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