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The great Thanet letting agents review

So many people in Thanet rent their home but what do we know about the agencies that do the actual business of letting?

This is why we at Thanet Star have started a massive undertaking to get to the bottom of who is good and who is bad in the world of Thanet letting agents. With your help we will review all of the letting agents in Thanet. Every. Last. One.

Each of Thanet's letting agents will get their own page upon which you will be free to talk about your experiences with that agency (good and bad). Those of you that have rented through the agency in question can tell us if it was a good experience and if you would recommend the letting agents to others or if you might be tempted to say stay away! Do they work only with good landlords or is there more of a mixed bag? Tell us, for example, if you felt like you got good value for money or if there were hidden charges.

For our part we will try to give you an unbiased overview of a new Thanet letting agent each week. We will try to cover details such as the fees they charge, the areas they service and the sort of rents that you might expect to pay. Along with those details we will make sure that you have the address and contact details of the agency in question as well as a link to their website.

We plan to go undercover (again) and get the inside scoop on more of Thanet's letting agents that give the others a bad name. We have already been working on this and have stories to make your hair curl but we also have good news to report too. We have a few interviews with landlords being set up and likewise with others in the industry. There's more on the cards but I will not bore you with that right now.

All that we ask is that you help us write the reviews. If you have rented a home in Thanet we would like to hear from you. If you can't wait to review your current lettings arrangement then please feel free to comment here,to message us or to contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Over time we can hopefully build up a true picture of Thanet's letting agents. We are sure that there are going to be not just a few horror stories where things have gone very badly wrong, where criminally minded scam artists have squeezed every last penny out of folks and where landlords have gotten away with, well, not murder hopefully. On the other hand we hope that we will find examples of agents who go above and beyond the call of duty to really give a good level of customer service and support.

With a little luck we will find out:

Do combined estate agents and letting agents give better value or do Thanet's dedicated letting agents offer the best deals?

Are Thanet's independent letting agents more efficient or are the bigger letting agent chains more reliable?

Are there Thanet's letting agents that you trust more (or less) than others?

Do Thanet letting agents have a good, bad or indifferent reputation?

Are the Thanet based letting agents doing a good job of looking after tenants or just landlords?

We want you to help us find out what Thanet thinks of it's letting agents. So once or twice a week we will publish the details of a letting agent from Thanet and then you can tell us if this agency is a golden egg or a scrambled one.

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