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The Ecology of Thanet Blogs #2: Thanet's A-List Revisited

It has been quickly pointed out to me that my research is somewhat flawed when it comes to the ruling class of blogging. Which of course it was bound to be - I cheated and just picked the seven most prominent blogs that I remembered, read or saw linked to a lot. My rather hit or miss methods will have produced one of two results.

1. Astounding accuracy (unlikely)
2. A random list (more likely)

As a businessman I do not like to leave things half done. When I wrote that list I had a plan for a more accurate and self updating list. I still do.

By trade I write . It's not very interesting (to people other than coders) but it is what I do. This gives me a little edge to work around my human limits and call on the huge amount of data that is collected on all our blogs.

In case you did not know each and every blog in Thanet has a good many companies reading it. They don't do it in a personal way but with robots called spiders. do it, do it, do it, do and do it. This data can be accessed via API and that is what I plan to do. The result I shall dub "Thanet Rank" or maybe "Star Rank" and it will be a measure of countable things about blogs mushed into a big fat juicy equation to create a top 100 blogs divided into A class, B class and C class.

So in the spirit of friendly competition let us find out how good my first list was, how good each blog is and how much it truly matters in the bigger scheme of things. Leaving comments for me is a good way to make sure I remember to list your blog as is being really popular or interesting in your blog posts. Commenting is easier to be sure of.

My intention is to have this ready by the middle of the week but it could take longer depending on work that pays me money. So until that time why not speculate as to who might make the top 3 blogs in Thanet. Let the debates begin.

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