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The Campaign to Save Ramsgate Maritime Museum

Local residents not so keen on the closure of the Maritime Museum in Ramsgate have started a facebook "cause" to raise money to get it reopened. Is this a case of "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone" or too little too late. I joined up with the group to find out.

Save Ramsgate Maritime Museum is a small group having just started recently. It has already achieved 16 members and US$0.00 donated.

Okay so this is not the worlds biggest group (yet) but if other face book groups are anything to go buy then we can expect to see a few thousand members. All signs point to this group being less than 24 hours old so this is possibly a huge start.

My question is - who handles the money and how will it be spent? The answer to this question will have a massive impact on how effective a fund raiser this group (cause in facebook speak) is going to be.

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This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

While admirable, I think it would've been even better if they'd included Margate museum too (a "Save Thanet's Museums" group perhaps). This would attract more people & therefore have a bigger impact.
05/10/2008 12:50:03

This Normal comment was left by Tony Beachcomber [score: 0]:

With the withdrawal of the grant to Museum services TDC no longer has a strategy for Museum services even though it owns an art collection and artefacts worth in excess of £500,000.
TDC’s partner the EKMT is now on the brink of folding with both the Margate Museum and the Ramsgate Museum closed and placed under caretaker conditions while a way forward is worked out. There is a proposal for a “Heritage Association” which if set up correctly as a charity and fits the charity commission criteria for Maritime Heritage, could legally take on all the EKMT loans and acquisitions obtained by the EKMT while under charitable status. The maritime collection under the control of the Heritage Association at Ramsgate would only need to return items loaned from TDC to sever all links with TDC once the clock house is vacated.
There are proposals I believe by the Heritage Association to take on the Margate Museum, which is rather hasty as ownership of artefacts will be an issue. The majority of Margate Museum artefacts are owned by TDC and the remainder acquired by the EKMT while under charitable status. There are two ways to look at this, firstly did TDC place all the items it owns to the charity therefore making all artefacts subject to charity commission rules or did TDC loan the items to the EKMT and paid the EKMT to manage the collection. If the latter is the case and the artefacts are TDC assets, the responsibility for insurance and storage for the collection belongs to TDC. Therefore, TDC will have to come up with a Museum’s policy if the Heritage Association does not want to take on the Margate Museum. Should this happen, TDC would have to pay insurance, storage and caretaker costs for the collection. Taking into consideration the cost of running a small museum there would probably be very little difference to keeping the Margate Museum open if revenue by visitors is taken into consideration.
05/10/2008 18:06:59

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

I can see where you are coming from on that one Peter.

Thanks for the update Tony. It seems the whole issue is a complex one - perhaps a tapered reduction might have been better management? It's too late for that now - we just have to find the best way forward.
07/10/2008 16:12:56
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