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Thanet Police: Have YOU Got A Horror Story To Share?

Recently Thanet Star have become aware of some cases of Thanet Police mistreating innocent people. We have a huge amount of respect for our Police, of course, they protect us to the best of their abilities, but is the cost perhaps too high? Thanet Star investigate...

I have personally had a mixed selection of bad, and good, experiences with our local police. Unfortunately, the negative appears to far outweigh the positive.

Not only that, but I recently posted about Thanet crime rates, which are disturbingly high. Which begs the question, is something very wrong with the system?..

This question hit closer to home recently after two of my friends were recently poorly treated by the force, in a "guilty until proven innocent" manner, physically, mentally and emotionally, I have decided that this is a matter that clearly needs further investigation...

Having appealed on Social Networks for further cases, several people have already approached me with their shocking stories. Innocent people have been pushed around, sworn at and insulted, homes broken into without Warrant or probable cause, and other such clear violations of their basic civil rights.

This is clearly a very important issue that needs investigating, so I am now appealing to you, the Thanet Star readers, to tell me, completely confidentially unless otherwise requested, about your experiences.

Please Comment to publicly discuss, Share with your friends to inform others of my investigation, and most importantly, email me with your personal experiences.

Thanet Star aims to be "The Voice Of The People", and with your help, we can be.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Public Comments

This Informative Normal comment was left by Solo Gays [score: 3]:

Many of us in the Gay Community got fed up with the perceived good cop / bad cop routine towards us (the existence of untrained, inexperienced, weak or distracted Councillors does not help), and this became one of the motivations for starting my blog. As individual citizens we are vulnerable to bullying, and if a complaint is raised against any of them, time and again it has been shown they stick together and are experts at deflection. If there are other examples of inconsistent policing in Thanet we do need to hear about it or nothing will change.
31/01/2014 11:37:46