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Hidden deep within the depths of the World Wide Web is a site entitled (in caps) "THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BORIS THE HEDGEHOG". This rather unusual personal patch of supplied web space contains a page on the topic of "Birding in Thanet" from which we can guess Boris is a local.

It is a single page guide but is thankfully free of the garish and annoying animated graphics web page makers seem compelled to put on this sort of page. It is also wittily written and informative. Anyone with an interest in those things that flutter about, in all weathers, and make a lot of noise, in the morning, just to tell you it is time to wake up, might like to give the page a quick read.

While this is not going to be all the information you will need on the subject it will get you started and with a flavour while doing so. If you check the main page the site author has left an email address so if the hobby of looking at birds is for you then, maybe, you could strike up a conversation. While not for everyone those chirpy things sure are pretty and make the place seem nice.

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I'm getting fed up with removing spam from this post. I'm going to close the comments.
27/10/2008 21:24:35
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