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Michael Child quite rightly has pointed out that the council chamber has a webcast TV system that is never used.

Now I have already pointed out (perhaps a little rudely) to our remaining blogging councilors that frankly the behaviour I hear reported is unacceptable and has only hurt both parties.

What is needed is public access to the records so that maybe the behaviour of the elected can approach mature and leave childish behind.

Sadly I fear that the people with the power fear that we will see them as the utter cads that many appear to be anyway. I dare the council to use the web cast system because this blogger frankly thinks you are too chicken to turn it on.

That or too inept. (So prove me wrong).

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This Normal comment was left by Ken Gregory [score: 0]:

As a councillor, I have never been afraid to have my comments viewed by the public, I support your view, though one question is 'COST'
03/06/2008 13:41:39

This Normal comment was left by Michael Child [score: 0]:

Ken I think the whole point is that we have already paid for it, itís just a matter of turning it on and uploading the files onto the internet.

I upload mine to youtube which is free you can upload an unlimited amount of video files and embed them in any website, so that they appear to be part of the site.
03/06/2008 15:54:56

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Ken Gregory, I was hoping that was the case it would be pretty duff if it were the opposite.

As Michael indicates (quite correctly) the cost of sharing such video starts from free. So the question is more likely to turn out to be
"understanding technology" - I'm sure a consortium of bloggers and other local IT enthusiasts would be more than happy to come in and help you all.

And, yes, I did just volunteer.
04/06/2008 11:28:26

This Normal comment was left by Cllr Mike Harrison [score: 0]:

During our time in control of TDC we had installed an electronic voting system, a new sound system and webcams, these allowed the Councillor speaking to be broadcast to the world at large in real time although the Chairman had control over the pictures being broadcast.
Following the 2003 elections and at the first meeting of the Council an ammended Budget was proposed by the Conservatives, the chaos that followed was almost Pythonesque. the outcome was that using the electronic voting the Tories were unable to get their ammended budget through and had to rely on the Chairmans casting vote !! Strangely since then neither the electronic voting system or the webcams have ever been used. I am constantly asking about the use of these things but I am told that 'technical problems ' are to blame. Now if I cam sit in front of my pc and see and speak to friends around the world surely it cant be that difficult o arrange for TDC's webcams to work. Is there perhaps another reason.............or am I being cynical ?
28/06/2008 16:39:32

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

It does indeed seem "convenient".
30/06/2008 07:54:04
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