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Stopping TDC pulling a fast one on Margate

Is Thanet District Council trying to pull a fast one on Margate?

After some serious searching I have put together the information that Thanet District Council does not want you to see. Information that would allow you to ask for a Parish Council in Margate.

Just today Thanet Star posted about TDC's secret consultation over parishing Margate. The Margate Community Governance Review has been ongoing since the beginning of March and yet Thanet District Council have refused to post a link to it on their own website. It's there but it is very well hidden.

The Margate Community Governance Review should, in theory, give the people of Margate a chance to say that they want a Parish Council. After all someone needs to be keeping the local authority in line over the care of Margate.

Be very careful with that link above as the option new council link takes you to the obviously preferred TDC choice of "no change". The link you need to details of the parish council option is this one: Margate's Best Option: Parish or Town Council.

However this looks to be like the "public consultation" over changing to a Mayor and Cabinet Model of governance in Thanet District Council which was so badly publicised that only a handful of people even responded. Which left the Conservative leadership able to say they made the offer and it was not wanted despite 100% of the feedback saying that it was.

Please, please, please do not let this paper exercise be used by our "leaders" to pretend that they offered us what we need.

Despite claiming to link to the Powers and Duties of a parish council the link that TDC provide goes nowhere (what a surprise). So here is a link to South Stafforshire Council's role of a parish council page.

UPDATE: With some hard use of Google I have found the page that TDC refuse to link to: Powers and duties of parish councils

There is a survey (more on that soon) that you can take to demand a parish council from TDC and it will ask you to tell it - using words - what you want that form of governance to provide and without the link to the list of possibilities how can you or I give a decent answer?

Thanet Star is doing it's best to find the information that TDC does not want you to see.

Here is a paragraph that you can add to, use, edit or whatever in answer to what do you want the parish council to do (Which is question 4): Here are some things that Margate Parish needs to do: Caring for the town centre. Crime prevention. Litter. Tourism. Commons. Regeneration. Promoting the town. Allotments. Provide venues for public meetings. Clocks. Provision of litter bins. The Cecil Square Christmas Tree. Market. Decorative Lights. Public toilets (maintain and provide). Community Centres (support and provide). Bus Shelters. Community Commons. Seeking investors in the town. Transport links. Town decorations. Obtaining grants for Margate. Highways, roads and traffic safety.

Now at least you have some information as to what you might want to actually say in order to demand a Parish Council for Margate so we can have some real change in the area.

The survey in question is found here - use it to tell the council that you want a Parish council and if you are unhappy with their current governance of the area you can say that too.

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