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While we were still in shock over the death of a fantastic young man The Sun decided to stick the boot in with some lies it made up.

I hope you will join me in officially complaining.

There are two grounds for complaint regarding The Sun's shockingly insensitive coverage of the murder of Carl Gregory.

1. On the grounds of inaccurate reporting.

The very first part of the Editors' Code of Practice says The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information and we have already established that the story The Sun published was deeply innaccurate. The short story being that they took some speculation they found on Facebook and published it as fact.

2. On the grounds of failing to be sensitive when dealing with cases involving grief and shock.

You can also complain specifically about reporters Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan who put their names to the utter farce of an article making deeply insensitive claims about the circumstances surrounding Carl's death.

I've said it before and I think it bears saying again, these are real people, with real feelings. Someone's beloved son has died, you pair of insensitive pricks! Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan you should be ashamed of yourselves. As should the editor that signed off on that steaming pile of garbage you tried to pass off as reporting.

Anyone can complain, and frankly, I think we all should.

To complain all you need to do is fill out the The IPSO complaint form online. You can also join with others who have acted, on the Facebook.

If enough of us complain, The Sun may be forced to print an apology.

I'd like to see a Thanet-wide boycott of The Sun. If not for this outrage, then in sympathy with the families of the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster. Which, if you are a Liverpool supporter, I trust you do already.

Anyone carrying a copy of that rag will not be welcome in my home. Furthermore, any shop willing to discontinue selling The Sun will receive preference from me and, I hope, others.

I would like to have the option of only buying from shops that do not stock The Sun at all.

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Public Comments

This Insightful Golden comment was left by margaret fields [score: 16]:

The scum is banned from all Liverpool shops after Hillsborough should be banned all over Thanet now after that made up story
08/10/2016 14:19:17

This Helpful Golden comment was left by Matt B [score: 4]:

I agree. Get rid of that paper from Thanet.
08/10/2016 15:30:58

This Unhelpful Hidden comment was left by Star Crusher [score: -6]:

09/10/2016 00:08:09

This Funny Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 1]:

Who's comparing? And another thing, why do you feel the need to use "HideMyAss"? Do you work for The Sun by any chance? What do you take me for? I think that perhaps you are trolling and have what we call a hidden agenda. I think that we have gotten the attention of the "journalist" who should be hanging up his hat. How'd it feel to be on the receiving end fella?
09/10/2016 18:00:04

This Funny Normal comment was left by Local Bloke [score: 3]:

Has "John Hamilton" come back for a visit or are The Sun filling his shoes? I think Hammy wants another go at failing.
09/10/2016 18:06:17

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Alex G Copson [score: 2]:

I agree with Margaret Fields. Ban The Sun!!!
09/10/2016 19:10:52

This Off Topic Hidden comment was left by TROLLISHLY: Star Crusher [score: -3]:

10/10/2016 21:10:15

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Enjoy your vowel-free comment courtesy of the disemvoweller. Trolls are not welcome here. Goodbye.
11/10/2016 00:46:40

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