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Stamping out rogue landlords in Thanet

For every good landlord it seems sometimes that Thanet has three bad ones.

When I responded to Shelter's call for people to write to their local council about rogue landlords and call for action I expected that I would be ignored and that would be that. I sent an email to Clive Hart detailing my concern over the situation with some very underhanded landlords but I did not expect the public response from my friends that I got. Who would have thought that posting a simple update on Facebook (as shown below) would result in such a flood of comments.

Iíve just asked my council to stamp out rogue landlords in my area. Join me and demand action from your council.
Slum in Medgidia
Now I've seen some people living in places that could with some considerable charity be described as slums. Buildings condemned by the council and yet occupied despite damn, fleas, broken windows, lack of heating, constantly running taps and even faeces in the kitchen. I wish to goodness that I was in the least bit exaggerating but I have been inside a bedsit in Margate that matched this description and worse.

I have friends whose landlord refuses to accept payment in anything but cash for fear of a paper trail.

I have friends whose landlord simply filed for eviction because the six months assured short-hold tenancy was coming to an end - no explanation given beyond the offer to sell them another six month tenancy. In other words he was blackmailing them with eviction for more money. I am not even sure if that is legal.

My point is that this goes on all the time and it is about time that, regardless of the party ruling the roost down at the council offices, action needs to be taken that will actually stop the abusive landlords without penalising the few good ones we have left.

Do you have any particular good or especially bad experiences with landlords in Thanet?

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