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Spate of serious accidents in Cliftonville

After a spate of accidents in Northdown Road, is it time that speed cameras were installed?

Since the start of June there have been multiple serious accidents and, no doubt, many more unreported near misses. At least one of the accidents resulted in the death of 90-year-old man.

This has left many wondering if enough is being done to prevent accidents in the area.

Locals report that speeding cars and bikes have become a regular occurrence in Northdown Road. The stretch between Northumberland Ave and Princess Margaret Ave being of particular concern.

Seriouse accidents

A woman and four children were been taken to hospital after a collision involving a car and a group of pedestrians in Northdown Road. Reported by The Isle of The Thanet News (1 June 2017)

The air ambulance flew a man in his 80s to hospital after a serious crash between a car and a pedestrian in Northdown Road. Reported by Kent Live News (12 June 2007)

A pedestrian suffered serious injuries after being hit by a motorbike in Northdown Road. Reported by Kent Online and The Isle of The Thanet News [twice] (19 August 2017)

A 90-year-old man was killed in a collision in Northdown Road. Reported by Kent Live News, The BBC, and
The Isle of The Thanet News (20 August 2017)

Are speed camera the answer?

One local man told me he never thought he would say it but he thinks that we desperately need speed cameras on Northdown Road.

Like many people, I have my doubts about the effectiveness of speed cameras but in this case, I have to wonder if they might be needed?

While hated by motorists, studies seem to suggest that the number of serious accidents are reduced by about a quarter when speed cameras are in place. So the question has to be asked - would a speed camera have saved a man's life?

Time for action

Many have been left wondering when the local authority is going to take action.

How many more people need to die before the danger of this stretch of road is given high enough priority in the shrinking local budget?

Is there time before Brexit, to get some EU money to make improvements?

There are many questions and few answers. I have reached out for comments and will publish a follow up when I get some replies.

Tell us your story

Have you been affected by speeding traffic in Northdown Road?

Do you feel more could be done?

Give us your view of this issue in the comments.

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