Thanet Star

Sorry Simon but I'm just not that in to you.

Oh how I love the smell of insults in the morning.

It would seem that my one time dance partner Dr Moores is once more trying to rekindle the flame that was our very famous dance of Vroomfondel and Majikthise by slinging insults in the general direction of The Thanet Star. But as I have made abundantly clear already I am Simon is yesterday's news for me. I'm over him - there are more interesting dance partners on the floor.

When Simon "I know IT" Moores is ready and willing to actually back up his statements with more than his personal opinion then maybe, just maybe, I will take him seriously again. The "doc" blogs via a cheap blogspot address where his incoherent rambles site under the title Thanet Life - you can Google it for yourself.

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