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Snow stopped play

It seems like we have 19 or more schools closed today. The Library/gateway closed at 2pm and the council offices shut at 3pm.

Peter has just mentioned on Facebook that an event at the Winter Gardens has been called off.

I'm guessing that the buses in Ramsgate are having trouble with the hill outside Michael's book shop and the routes are tending to only half run.

It seems that there might not be any trains to Victoria although you can get to London via Ashford to Kings Cross on High Speed One.

What else has stopped, changed or basically not working very well. It's -2C out there at the moment and it feels like about -7C according tot he Internet weather report. So there are some good reasons for staying home today.

Feel free to update us in the comment's section.

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This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

The Christmas lights switch on has been cancelled.

As has the Thanet Christmas parade.

Waste and recycling collections have been suspended. The council has also given up hope of holding a meeting this evening.

Public toilets are also being closed.
02/12/2010 15:00:21