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SNK: Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Thanet Star takes a sneak-peak at a unique forthcoming eatery in Margate

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After hearing tell from several sources of a new eatery opening in the centre of Margate, we got in touch with the business and insisted on an interview to find out what all the fuss was about.

SNK, founded by twenty-two year old Kevin Peake, is a healthy eating option unlike any currently available in Thanet. The slogan above the windows reads 'Eat Healthy, Live Healthy', referring to the healthy eating options contained within. Unlike other 'chain' food providers in the area, this independent establishment provides a 'fast food' option that is tasty, but does not pile on the calories, and supports the local economy.

SNK exterior slogan, photo Illisia Adams

Both indoor and outdoor seating will be available, with hot and cold food options including a Salad Bar, croissants, ciabatta and bagels, all of which will be made from fresh - locally sourced where possible - ingredients. All drinks will be pure, no chemicals, with an option to concoct your own smoothie creation from the provided ingredients or select from their pre-prepared menu.

Kevin told us that he is not qualified for cooking food, but he has a real passion for it. The idea sprung from this passion, and from other similar businesses in London, where he is from. Honestly, when we first got in touch, I had no idea that I was speaking to someone so young! I was pleasantly surprised when we met in person at his age, yet maturity.

When I asked about where he got his funding, he told me to my disappointment of how Thanet Council did not provide funding for his business plan due to the location not being directly on Margate High Street, but this did not hold him back. Although, he admitted, his initial business plan was not very well written, it was well thought-out and so he took it to The Chamber Of Commerce who saw the potential and helped him develop his concept and get the funding needed to make it happen.

He had plenty of contagious positivity, meeting our concerns about his location with counter-facts about how being 'just off the High Street' in an enclosed area will protect him, his staff and customers from the weather, allowing for eating outside even during the colder months or rainy weather, and how he thinks that with a little time and effort, Margate could very much be brought back to life with plentiful shops and tourists, etc, and business will flourish.

SNK advert, from FaceBook

Kevin is convinced that SNK can stand with the mainstream competition, with the quality of their food spreading through word of mouth and personal experience of customers, attracting tourists and regulars. Parents in particular he hopes will prefer the make-your-own salad and smoothies option for their children rather than the 'Happy Meals' available at the local McDonalds, for instance.

With regards to the future, he spoke with us of hopes that SNK could work with local gyms, dance studios and other such businesses to encourage an overall more healthy lifestyle in the area, and has stated in an email to me when discussing his menu that he “is hoping to add a bit more seafood choice into it and maybe a veg soup”.

The commercial property was available for them to work on from September 5th, and although there have been various delays, myself and Matthew were impressed with the progress that had been made, in the space between then and now, by only a small team of friends and family working together to help. Even the exterior has been lovingly hand painted.

SNK hand painted exterior, photo Illisia Adams

The boards on the windows have now come down and final changes being made to the property before it has the required final inspections that will allow it to open, hopefully in time for the Christmas season.

You can “Like” them on FaceBook to show your support, view the menu, and stay informed of their progress, and Thanet Star will of course be doing follow-up reports on Kevin and his efforts.

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