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Should we legalise Cannabis?

Should we legalise Cannabis to prevent the sale of more harmful "legal highs"?

Cannabis Joint

Given the news that Trading Standards are cracking down on the dangerous "legal highs" is it time to consider the less leathal yet non-legal alternatives?

Tell us what you think.

Remember to keep the debate interesting and enjoyable please attack the opinion and not the person. Thank you.

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This Insightful Golden comment was left by DS [score: 4]:

Politically, the Greens, LibDems and Ukip have all said that we need to have a Royal Commission on the issue of drug reclassification. The main two seem to scared to discuss it following the reclassification of cannabis under Gordon Brown.

The problem is, it is a very emotive issue. Like alcohol and tobacco, people hold strong views. Those that dont partake in either view those that do in a negative light. They are appalled at drunken behaviour and how it ruins our youth. It leads people into trouble and there are a number of people that are addicted.

But recent studies have indicated that over 70% of 20-30 year olds have consumed drugs and over 50% regularly take them. Cannabis, I suspect, is probably number three (or four) in terms of consumption, preceding cocaine, 'mandy' and ketamine which are only growing in popularity.

The supply of these drugs is pushed into the underground market and - as such - fuels other crime and pushes down the purity of some drugs and the strength of others. If Supply became legitimised, it would control this, create a huge revenue for the government. But to many this is simply unthinkable. But the minority parties all agree - this issue needs to be looked at.
07/07/2014 21:25:39
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