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Scientific study shows migrants not the problem

Immigration has had no effect on unemployment or wages, a new study finds.

According to The Independent a new study that examined the impact of immigration found that it has had no impact whatsoever on jobs and wages despite public opinion otherwise.


Researchers at the London School of Economics looked at the levels of immigration to each of Britainís counties, and compared it to the unemployment rate in the same area across the same period. writes Jon Stone for The Independent. They found that there was no connection between how much immigration a county had seen between 2004 and 2012 and the areaís level of unemployment.

The study also examined whether immigration had effected wages levels (by causing them to fall, as some claim) or if immigration led to a fall in so called "low skill" jobs or even a rise in youth unemployment. It found that migration into the UK had made no difference to these areas at all.

Despite what certain anti-EU types might suggest the impact in all these areas was none at all. In some areas average wages rose but the correlation - that is the provable relationship between two things - was non existent.

The only significant change that immigration has caused is a reduction in Britiain's public spending deficit. This is because migrants are generally hard working and well trained and pay plenty of taxes. The University College of London noted that the migrant contribution to reducing our deficit was substantial.

The problem of unemployment in Thanet - as elsewhere - is that there just are no damn jobs to start with. People coming here from other parts of the world makes no difference to that. The only thread of hope here is the massive investment the EU is planning to make towards job creation.

Despite certain new comers demands for rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty the facts speak for themselves. We need jobs, the EU will be able to help get us jobs and immigrants are not taking jobs away from us (but they are paying for benefits). Anyone who tells you otherwise is talking from their backside, it seems.

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