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Sandy and the caption contest - time to vote.

Well folks it time for an update on the caption contest. You might remember that just under a month ago we challenged you to come up with the best caption for this drawing of Cllr Sandy Ezekiel.

Sandy Ezekiel and his final fate?

Here are the four suggestions that gave the best chuckle rating to a straw poll of a handfull of people. Now it's up to you to vote for the winner. The winner will have their caption added to the image for all time.

Ramsgate Resident wrote: Makes a change from turkey but where do you put the stuffing??

Rick wrote: Sandy "So dere I woz at da Winter Gardens wiv deze ex Black Watch geezers, all in skirts and sporrans and dat, remembering dere fallen comrades and dat. An all I sez is Wots a cross of St Andrew all abaht den"

Eastcliff Richard wrote: Sandy had quite forgotten how long Roger's tongue was.

Bertie Biggles wrote: The Standards Board of England is glad to announce its new punishment for recalcitrant and recidivist Councillors who fail to learn how to behave in public.

Keep reading to find out how to vote

As well as catching the poll on Matt's facebook profile you can vote right here.

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