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Rising Stars of Thanet: Our Rick

I want to talk today of Thanet blogger Rick. As a blogger he has obtained infamy of sorts for having a lot to say and preloading context in his comments (in other words he takes his time getting to the point). In today's world of brevity and sound bites Rick must surely seem like something of a proverbial sore thumb. Yet we have all been forced to reassess our opinions after Rick turned up several boxes of information on a subject most of Thanet knew nothing about.

Rick is a Rising Star
Rick and I disagree on some issues (for example issues of poverty on which we both feel very strongly) nevertheless what seemed to be the obsession of a retired conspiracy theorist has become the source of much gasping as it was revealed that over a long period of time dangerous chemical (Cyclohexanone) was leaked into Thanet's water system.

Rick may be different in style and he may waffle a little but for service to the investigative side of investigative reporting this Rising Star of Thanet Award is most definitely deserved.

It is entirely possible that, much like penguins (who hate non conformity in-case you did not already know), we Thanet bloggers have been too quick to reject anything that was not exactly the same. So this post is dedicated to Rick a bloke who is often long winded, misunderstood and (to many) too single minded (in his pursuit of Sue Rider, for example) but it was this self same dedicated single mindedness that has brought us results.

Were this a party I'd raise my glass and offer a toast to Rick for some outstanding work. It might have gone something like this:

Ladies and Gentleman, Rick is a man for whom five hundred words or less means nothing at all, a man for whom even a simple "amen to that" requires an extensive preface and a man with a mission that few of us appreciate and even fewer understand. He may not be the life and soul of every party but, by Jove, he gets results! Not just any results, ladies and gents, no, like a bull terrier that just wont let go he holds on until he gets what he gets to the very bottom of an issue. Ladies and Gentleman please be upstanding as we offer a toast to the man we all underestimated. Rick the blogger

...or words to that effect anyway. Sadly a party this is not so I shall have to make do with offering Rick a Rising Star of Thanet award. Well done Rick - The Third ever Rising Star of Thanet Award goes to you - you earned this (along with the right to come waffle in my comments any day).

Rick is a Rising Star

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