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Rising Stars of Thanet: Michael Child

No, not the vicar of Witham Baptist Church in Essex but the owner of that famouse book shop in (72 King Street, Ramsgate) and local and enthusiastic blogger.

Michael Child is a Rising Star
When not keeping the Thanet Masses supplied with interesting reading material (on his blog) Michael likes to harass Council members that have patently been asking for it. That or he just likes to get straight answers. Given the historic scarcity of said straight answers from our local political types this second option seems unlikely.

In his spare time Michael runs a bookshop.

Michael has entitled his blog "Thanet Online" which is a big name suggesting of authority on the subject he has a website at the matching domain name Sadly he still blogs from but as he is an user we shall forgive him for this. ( humour, nothing to see here move along please). If you would like to know more about Michael you may wish to view his profile or read his blog. (if you missed the link read this paragraph again).

Michael's Websites are here and here. What can be found within (separate from said blog) would make for an amazing blog itself or even a tasty website or two (with a little action and a design freshener) the content is great even if the navigation is both frames based and quirky. However, once you get passed all that you find a beating heat of knowledge, wit and stuff. Michael clearly cares deeply about Thanet and in an age where it is infinitely easier to run the place down this is a rare thing.

You can also talk to Michael about a number of history books that he has written about the area which can be obtained from his shop (and other places if a few Thanet locals get their way). Michael Child is clearly a Rising Star of Thanet which is why it is my good pleasure to award Michael the first award for local excellence and all round impressiveness - the Rising Star Award.

Michael Child is a Rising Star

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Michael Child [score: 0]:

Thanks for the kind words Matt, I am afraid that both websites stem from about ten years ago when I first bought a pc the vague notion that it could be useful in some way that I wasnít certain of.

The quirky program that publishes in frames I bought at the same time and have stuck with it, as itís quick and easy to use. From the technophobes point of view itís ideal as I have something that looks the same as the websites on the pc that I can just adjust and add to, then just click on publish and it sorts out all the stuff like html and ftp for me.

So when anything interesting comes along I just add it to the sites, which like Topsy just keep on growing. I have started writing a new homepage that may be better if I ever get around to finishing it.

Obviously with the two local museums due to close my main priority is to try to get as much local history in to print as I can.
28/12/2007 14:17:02

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

With anything you are passionate about there will always be more to write about than there is time to write it. If there is anything I can do to help...
28/12/2007 18:10:58