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Ramsgate shooting: Latest

Updated news on the Ramsgate Shooting last night.

According to the Thanet Gazzette there were zero fatlities during the "suspected" shooting at arround half past six last night. The unnamed victim of what appears to be a targeted attack independently left the scene according to reports.

Police were called to Victoria Road opposite Boundary road in Ramsgate some time after six (1800) responding to reports of gunfire. The road was closed and a large police presence was soon in attendance. Early reports of deaths due to the shooting appear to be unfounded. Easrly rections to the shooting were of fear and shock.

A police helicopter was used in the search following the incident and around 10pm (2200) or soon after arrests were made. Initial reports on Twitter and by local news were patchy as confirmed or official information was hard to come by. Understandable really as the police were focused on dealing with a possible deadly un crime situation.

Armed police were reportedly in attendance. Three men were arrested around four hours after the incident took place. It has been reported that the arrested men were hanging about in the crowd and watching.

Reportedly there were 12 police cars, a police van and an ambulance at the scene.

What is not clear at this time is why the shooting took place or who exactly was involved. Questions will, no doubt, be asked as to how the men in question were able to obtain a gun in the first place.

However some reports indicate that a gun was discharged inside a building on Victoria Road.

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