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Racist attacks children in Margate

Yesterday, outside Hartsdown Academy in Margate, a man started racially abusing children going home from the school.

One girl had the presence of mind to record the assault and the man can be clearly heard using the N-word in a video that is, frankly, hard to watch.

The news site,, reports that Margate children reported being racially abused and assaulted as they left school.

According to the reports, the man slapped a 12-year-old autistic boy pushed another youngster into the bushes.

The man has been detained by police and is reportedly being questioned regarding the attack.

This is not the first time this has happened

This is not the first time racist taunts and attacks have been reported in Thanet. Although after the Brexit vote there have been a lot more. For me, this is just another reason to be disillusioned with Thanet.

In fact, according to the girl's mother, this is not the first time the family have been subjected to racist abuse. Just a week ago, 3 white men stopped a cat in order to shout the N-word at the family near Dreamland.

Words fail me. I am horrified that such hate can still exist in our supposedly enlightened society.

With a report suggesting that Margate Central is one of the worst in Kent for anti-social behaviour, I can only worry that this is not the last time we will hear such horrible news.

Does our council support racism?

The racists, it seems, have been emboldened both by Brexit and TDC after outrage was sparked when Thanet District Council was the first in the UK to refuse anti-racism motion debate. Effectively, the council were voting in favour of racism!

The motion, raised by the general public and signed by 340 people, called on the council to to state their opposition to racism, xenophobia and hate-crimes.

TDC said no!

What can we do about racism?

Isn't it time that we, the people of Thanet, stood up and said not in my name?

That was certainly what we were saying in the public gallery - you can see me along with most of the public walking out in protest after that vote.

What can we do to end racism in Thanet? I honestly don't know.

I wish that I had some definite answers that would remove racism from Thanet.

I can say that if you feel threatened by racists, sexists, or another hate filled abusive person, I will gladly do everything I can to help you get to safety. My home, should you pass it and need a refuge, will always be a place of safety. It is not much but I can only hope that if others are willing to say the same, perhaps we can turn the tide?

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