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It is my experience that Thanet blogging has encountered something of a wall in reaching the people of Thanet. There is no one specific reason for this but thankfully there are a few things we can do.

The first of these efforts I have undertaken is to reach out to Thanet people on FaceBook. To your left (all things being equal) should be a facebook "Fan Box" for Thanet Blogs. The fan page is powered by the most popular RSS/Blog application Networked Blogs on which a lot of Thanet Blogs are already listed.

By becoming a fan of Thanet Blogs a person will get all the sites headlines right into their FaceBook home page.

This allows us to reach out to our non blogging local friends and invite them to the world of Thanet blogging as a whole. This is to everyone's benefit as we all get a little more exposure and maybe inspire a few more new bloggers.

I will be looking at how else a blogger can get noticed in Thanet blogging as this question has been asked of me by a few shy persons.

Together we can overcome this invisible wall and take Thanet's blogging to new heights.

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This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

The "wall" is largely due to all the petty sniping & squabbling. I used to try to persuade others to join in on the Thanet blogging scene, but I wouldn't now...
28/08/2009 16:51:13