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Police seek witnesses after child hit by van

A five year old boy was knocked down on the way to school on St Peter's Road this morning.

This story hits a little closer to home than normal being the family of some good friends. The five year old boy was knocked down just after half past eight this morning by a flatbed truck. He has been flown to Kings College Hospital where he is receiving further treatment.

We understand from other news sources that officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit are currently (or perhaps recently) at the scene carrying out their inquiries. St Peter's Road has been closed at the roundabout where it joins Oxford Road and motorists are advised to take alternative routes for the time being.

The police urgently wish to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident but has for whatever reason not yet spoken to police. If that is you please help by contacting the witness appeal line on 01622 798538.

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His dad lives near by and mad me smile when he relayed that when told he was having his picture take (X ray) he said CHEESE to radioigist
10/01/2014 16:35:06
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