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Of toilets, waters and gases (but not like that)

According to our local blogging expert the loos in the Turner centre are not it's best feature and could have used some actually thought. Still at least the risk of floods are diminished from that quarter at least until the coastal defences are added in to stop the site of the centre looking like a really bad idea.

However the loos in the Turner Centre might not be the only gassy water problem that Thanet might face. In a move that is sure to upset the bloggers dedicated to saving Thanet's Water Supply it looks like big business would like to frack for gas in our neck of the woods. The implication being that our water will then come with added methane. Nice (or not).

Thanet Waves: WHAT THE FRACK?!

I've just seen on BBC News that local green campaigners are protesting about a company's plans to drill for gas in Woodnesborough near Sandwich. Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd were hoping to use a controversial drilling technique called 'fracking', a form of shale gas extraction which has been criticised by environmental activists for contaminating drinking water, with scientists even claiming in a study that it has a danger of making H2O flammable. Yikes!

and finally...

IT looks like my photo quip was more insightful than one might imagine as word on the vine is that Simon Moores will be in charge of Waste and Parks (a natural combination one might uncharitably suggest).

New Simon Moores Branded Bins

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