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Night flights not such a good deal

I'm not sure I follow Tony's logic nor his reasoning for supporting the new Night Flights at Manston.

The main crux of his argument is that on the QC scale the proposed flights would be a quarter as noisy as 747s. However we are actually talking about 6db less noise. Not so much I think.

BIGNEWS MARGATE: Manston - 10 of these could be landing every night, what an outrage!

I for one would rather see the100 plus jobs at Manston maintained with the hope that many more will be created in the future, but we will see a lot of hysterical reports in the coming weeks,

Tony tells us the new airbus A380 is rated at QC0.5 on landing and QC 2 which means 87 to 89.9 EPNdB on landing and 93 to 95.9 EPNdB on take off. That's still a lot of sound.

Yes, technically there is a significantly greater amount of energy needed to make 95db as 89db but the difference to our ears is quite small. The wikipedia tells us that due to the logarithmic nature of human aural perception, this 3dB change is only perceived as a small change in the noise level. So while the white cliffs of Ramsgate might suffer less is this argument just one of degrees?

I think it is.

What we are seeing is Night flights being turned down and then night flights being asked for in the "I know you said no but this is not as bad so please say yes" way that most rules get slowly warped around here.

Just because something is two measures less bad than terrible does that make it good?

The idea of the QC is that it should be reduced year on year to reduce night time noise. So the idea of granting an amount larger than we have now seems rather counter productive.

The benefit to the area is around 100 jobs according to Tony. Jobs are good but are these jobs in the same way that China Gateway and Thanet Earth made jobs? If so it's a stick up and we should say no to the night flight application.

For the same cost you could install the latest fibre broadband Point of Presence (giving everyone in that area access to the fastest ADSL speeds, ideally direct access to the UK backbone, tot in some sound proof office space and you have an instant shot at being Kent's answer to silicon valley or if not that then a place where IT jobs can enter the area. With IT jobs tend to go supporting jobs like catering, entertainment, hotels, event suits, journalism and conferences. With those go further jobs...

By being located on or in the airport you can access experts from all over and then simply set up additional office space of equal quality nearby, stand back and let property prices skyrocket and thus beings the 10,000 job boom everyone is looking for.

100 jobs? Hardly seems worth the hassle.

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