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You might recall that not so very long ago I made a point of clarifying site policy. My only real bone of contention was with people using the comments as a form of search engine advertising centre rather than as a place to add something or make an interesting point. Specifically I did not want to find the real readers and myself chatting with people called "Limescale Prevention", "Cheap Pills" or "PC Parts". There is nothing wrong with making it clear that you are commenting in an official capacity by adding your site title after your name (or handle) such as "Matt B (Thanet Star)" I'd even be willing to put up with something ugly like "My Name | Keyword".

While I expect our anon bloggers to carry on calling themselves by their handles rather than their real names I do not see this as a good reason to let the Jonny Come Lately American and East Europian bloggers abuse this or any other site.

Enough was enough and you might have noticed that those who have been putting self promotion and profit above the quality of local debate have now be renamed "Naughty User" and their link removed and their IP address exposed for all to see. Hopefully those from all parts of the world that think they can abuse Thanet's growing blog success (something all Thanet's bloggers have had a hand in) will start to realise that this is not something we are willing to put with.

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