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I was alerted by one of our councilors to the fact that Thanet Star was not exactly available today. This is very irritating as I had taken the day off and gone out to enjoy the fresh and unseasonably mild weather. When I got back I had something of a situation to deal with.

My "AI" like script that keeps the spam at bay started to notice spam in flood loads yesterday. I had let about 10,000 through before I noticed the problem. I used the spam to train the filter and then I removed it.

The system was then able to keep the system clean while we all slept. Between this morning and about 2pm it picked up over 25,000 spam log events. Of these it dropped two and let them through. That's an error rate of less than 0.008% which is very good.

I have trained the filter on the spam it let through and have reset the logs but they represent around 50,000 to 75,000 hits of a purely automated nature. This is more than 25 times the daily reported average for Januaray 2008. It seems that it is time to roll out an even more proactive defense of my server as I will not put up with this sort of thing.

Unfortunately I have turned off logging to conserve stability and this means that if your comment gets eaten I will not be able to restore it. The only answer will be to try again using different words. (sorry).

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09/04/2008 11:00:10
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