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The world of the arts is something that Thanet is deeply lacking. For all the talk of "revamping" the libraries (by moving council services into them) and the black hole that is the Turner Centre we are a deeply deprived area. Were it not for a few souls working hard to bring things finer than say, a pint of cheap larger to the masses, we in Thanet would be totally bereft.

One such group is the voluntary organisation known as Thanet Film Society. Thanet Film Society have since 1994 been bringing independent and foreign film to Thanet and screening them in real cinemas too (Such as The Windsor where things started). This flavour that is not the spoon fed mainstream of "blockbusters" and template driven formalised stories could as easily disappear tomorrow as stay with us forever.

As they themselves say on their website the content they should tends towards "...foreign language films, independent American movies and small scale British films that would otherwise not be screened in local cinemas". Being a firmly community minded group they claim that " least two-thirds of the content of each season results from audience suggestions."

What does this tell you?

It tells me that it is possible to have variety and your opinion can and does matter. It also tells me that such efforts require our support. As blog and site owners we should be ready to help spread the word and as citizens of Thanet we can improve our poor little island by simply becoming involved with things. By getting out and enjoying things.

Who says that making Thanet better has to be a struggle?

Visit the Thanet Film Society Website at

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